China numbers. Japan comes out. USA citizens are infected 14!

Just can't stress the impacts to the shipping and the other impacts that are going to snowball.

Yep. Huge opportunity for you. Make your own. Store that info now.

Grab food. Couple months supply.

Yeah this is going to break out. Calm before the storm.

China wouldn't be freaking out over nothing.

This thing about fake news is they only want their propaganda to go out. Some scary stuff.

Well world flights need to pause. Telecommute. Work from home. Avoid crowds. Start now. Before one super spreader hits.

And this is insanely transmissible.

WHO isn't taking action and only eating off Chinas plate.




Here is the listing. You get found out really quick and right off like I said is oxygen. Right away.


Preppers unite. Time to know how to grow your own food. Shipping world wide is going to hault. So you need to think ahead.

Congratulations world you buried your head in the sand.

More worried about China losing face. This is going to be huge.

I'm going to play on the CNC dream. Making things.... Sweet!!!

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I heard it isn't as bad as everyone says. People are recovering and the death rate isn't that high??

18.02.2020 06:26

Why is the entire province on lockdown.

Why isn't China easing up and people able to go back to work.

Why isn't China declaring winning...

Cause it's not happening. Japan's numbers are insane. They only have so.mich test kits. And it's coming back as a 50%infection rate on known tested subjects.

Oh we brought 14 Americans infected back with us as well. Cool just what we need.

I hear the party line feel good story about the Chinese couple infected and suddenly begin streaming love... If that's not manufacturing propaganda I don't know what is.

And you can get it again. Second corona you end up with heart issues. And warned of death.

Not sure what else as China isn't releasing details..... That's the scariest part.

But major secret. Oxygen. First sign of hypoxia. Biggest weapon we have to help the sick right there.

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18.02.2020 07:24

Very true @ganjafarmer

China would reopen factories and force people to work if they would already 'won'. But it's just not happening ....

24.02.2020 12:31

And today is going to be even more new updates. Hang on!

25.02.2020 21:24

Oh @ganjafarmer. I see that you're also watching Peak Prosperity channel? I found it very reliable and informative.

Scary and dark times ahead of us :/

24.02.2020 12:30

Very reliable and informed. I am listening to all information. From State China propaganda that's whitewashed the numbers to the whistleblowers of China.

Iran wow... If it's true it's insanely transmissible there.

Italy's numbers? In days they skyrocketed...

Prepare now. Or not.

China is a message to the world. Prepare.

25.02.2020 01:29

China is a message to the world. Prepare.

Very true.

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.
Cheers, Piotr

03.03.2020 12:24

No worries. And no need to thanks me over and over. I appreciate your friendship and vision. Good work.

04.03.2020 00:34