WARNING - He and his crew will hack you. This group is a terrorist cell.


The people in this Steemspeak Discord server https://goldvoice.club/steem/@steemspeak. Ran and owned by this man http://www.steemit.com/@fyrstikken. You can bet both balls on it.

Hackers and governments listen for years before they let you know your circumvented, we are not safe. They make and commercialize stalking products then leave and allow security holes for the purpose of stalking. Governments are using this to sort, intimidate and make this everyones future. Welcome to gods world.

Here is a list of verified participants.


They make you put headphones on. They quietly, subliminally and directly terrorize you thru what they call a radio show. This radio show is recorded and archived. Only they dont record what is heard live.

I have received numerous letters and threats since 2016. One directing me to put all my money, about $150K, into golos. Golos was .16 cents at that time, fall of 2017. I did not.

I was covertly drugged with devils breath and SWAT-ed a few weeks later. Devils breath is a horrifying drug that bends all of reality, especially when you don't know is was given to you.

The only person I ever gave my address is fyrstikken. He blamed the letters on @noganoo. I have screen shots of this.

Before being dragged into fyrstikkens servers, I was an avid and successful crypto currency miner and a 13 year business owner. I'm now wanted for 18 years of made up felonies. They manipulate every aspect of your life and lively hood unlit you have absolutely nothing. They are terrorist thieves that pressure you to crumble all day every day with V2K.

They acknowledge to their victims it is 100% them and they are doing it to document and expose it.

They will not.

They will bleed you dry with V2k. I have so much proof and I'm living proof.

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I find it very hard to understand what this post is about.

It all might be clear to you but not to me.

Who is threatening you and why? Is this from day 1 you join Steem?

Is the person doing this a whale?

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09.09.2019 05:47

You could join the #ccc contest and let your voice here in different places. You can be mad but downvoting and not answering questions is not the way to ask for attention.

If only the ones with money have the power you better be one of them assp. That is what I intend to do.

I wish you a great day. Do not downvote me or team-ccc but those who did this to you


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09.09.2019 06:01

Would you like to join my downvoting trail so you don't have to manually downvote.
Waiting for your reply
Thank you

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12.09.2019 11:59

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Thank you

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12.09.2019 12:20

Thank You!!Because I've been hearing some weird s#$% very clearly, even with music playing loud, can't stop to meditate, for a while now, no rest, no sleep, no nothing..Also have been experiencing some major mind-f#$% dreams lately, whenever I manage to sleep, every 2/3 days, sometimes with wider intervals of time and even awake, and no, I don't take anything that might cause it.. I don't think I have any connection with the individuals/group/s You mention, in my case it's something that started way before steem/it..Anyway, just wanted to tell You that I appreciate what You do..All the best, take care!

16.09.2019 21:47