Snowden Docs Explain Gang Stalking / Targeted Individual Program Tutorial

The Military-Industrial Complex has taken the systems used to make populations hate terrorist groups, and turned them against governments, industries and societies, foreign and domestic. The way to identify the criminals behind gang stalking lays in understanding the sophisticated propaganda used to smear Targeted Individuals.

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i'm not gonna bother asking why you downvoted my comment without leaving a reply ... but judging by your reputation it turns out i'm not the one with the worst people skills here :)
why the hell would you do that ... and don't bother answering ...

08.08.2019 23:11

ok. enjoy your government ran blockchain. @Fyrstikken is working with governments to gang stalk "plankton". Kind of like saying scum or nigger if you ask me. Are you a Nazi too?

Dont reply with "I know, I help him".

Hope you stop begging and get a game out soon.

Love you!

09.08.2019 12:52

They @steemspeak helped the government stalk and break into my house to drug me with devils breath. Then police and doctors acted like they had never seen anyone on it before, in Albuquerque, a place that many people go to the hospital for devils breath.

09.08.2019 13:07

mh well, if that tickles your timbers, someone once told me Ned Scott originally worked for the NSA :p ... its a public ledger, almost every blockchain is, everyone can see what's on it, i only know the name fyrstikken because ive seen it appear in the list on morgan accounts, i dont have a habit of digging into everyone voting on it, i just was kinda miffled as to why i received a downvote ... its not really the best way to get attention to your message.
And ... if it's all that bad, why are you on it ?
I made an account because it said "post stuff : get money" ... (which clearly wasnt true HAHAh)
if you refer to tyrnannoght, its being deved just by me myself, i and the people in my head so thats gonna be a while.

But i'm a huge fan of Snowden if that might ease your mind .. good luck with the quest then

09.08.2019 15:35

They are censoring gangstalking. And the downvote got your attention. Thanks for your input.

09.08.2019 16:07

Yes, it DID get my attention lol ... but , eh ... i'm not everybody (i try to be nobody but it seems that costs a lot of money, more than being somebody these days). I don't think everyone would react the same way and i certainly wouldn't if it wasn't an obvious cry for attention ,

in the same way, i mean. A new account costs about 5 steem, that $1 at the moment, your VP from the old account is unaffected so you can still use that for constructive efforts. If you're really serious about it maybe it's better you just keep creating accounts, they can't stop you from doing that, that's just the system but i doubt i have to explain simple systems like that if you're all that whistleblower.
That way you don't create extra enemies and you get a fresh channel, which can potentially reach more as it will be visible as opposed to the old one, which is not, i doubt most people will even bother opening a "message hidden due to low ratings as 9 out of 10 it's a promo/spam-bot)
... if you're really serious about it then that dollar can't be too much :)

but it's none of my business, i am the cat that walks by himself

and all places are alike to me

unless attacked heheh

10.08.2019 19:59

Are you working with @fyrstikken? @steemspeak?

09.08.2019 13:24

Informative video, thank you! Keep up the good work!

I hope @goldmanmorgan wakes the fuck up.

09.08.2019 13:18

Good information in this video actually.

20.08.2019 15:30