Several days later I abruptly started hearing 2 distinct voices


"WWe got to close we're going to have to enter him into the program"

The next day the voices were no longer coming from the window but seemed to be faint and coming from no where at all. at first were not so bad but upon my disapproval of this unrealistic form of communication became very hostile threatening me my family my friends and there families. at the time I was still willing to accept the assumption that I was potentially going crazy.

The thing that tipped me off was when 1 said to the other "doesn't he know I'm a magistrate" then I remembered what the client manager said about taking people down to the court house to be sworn in as magistrates. At that moment I realized I wasn't crazy and it was Allied Universal.

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These people are demonic. Long Island in the U.S. is awash with gangstalkers. I am targeted because I am U.S. A.G. William Barrs niece and distant cousin to Meghan Markle. They are both satanists.

29.09.2019 03:05