@Fyrstikken is a global terrorist.


The people in this Steemspeak Discord server https://goldvoice.club/steem/@steemspeak. Ran and owned by this man http://www.steemit.com/@fyrstikken. You can bet both balls on it.

Hackers and governments listen for years before they let you know your circumvented, we are not safe. They make and commercialize stalking products then leave and allow security holes for the purpose of stalking. Governments are using this to sort, intimidate and make this everyones future. Welcome to gods world.


They make you put headphones on. They quietly, subliminally and directly terrorize you thru what they call a radio show. This radio show is recorded and archived. Only they dont record what is heard live.

I have received numerous letters and threats since 2016. One directing me to put all my money, about $150K, into golos. Golos was .16 cents at that time, fall of 2017. I did not.

I was covertly drugged with devils breath and SWAT-ed a few weeks later. Devils breath is a horrifying drug that bends all of reality, especially when you don't know is was given to you.

The only person I ever gave my address is fyrstikken. He blamed the letters on @noganoo. I have screen shots of this.

Before being dragged into fyrstikkens servers, I was an avid and successful crypto currency miner and a 13 year business owner. I'm now wanted for 18 years of made up felonies. They manipulate every aspect of your life and lively hood unlit you have absolutely nothing. They are terrorist thieves that pressure you to crumble all day every day with V2K.

They acknowledge to their victims it is 100% them and they are doing it to document and expose it.

They will not.

They will bleed you dry with V2k. I have so much proof and I'm living proof.

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You should probably lay off the hard drugs, bro.

Also I know some of those people, guarantee they're at least as opposed to rulers as I am, and it's a classic cointelpro tactic for government infiltrators to accuse actual activists of being cops or agent provocateurs. Go tell your CO he's a cunt and working for a violent tyranny. If your organization's concepts of 'security" had any merit, you would have the backbone to discuss them out in the open rather than sneak around like a cockroach, exactly like those you claim to oppose.

16.08.2019 22:32

Your wrong. I have proof. And I was drugged, I'm not on drugs. Using drugs as an excuse for something this serious is disingenuous at the least. They are using V2K.

16.08.2019 22:41

Then put up or shut up.

Let's see your proof.

16.08.2019 22:44

Spamming an account I don't care about on a blockchain circle-jerk full of federal agents isn't gonna affect me as much as you think it will, dipshit. But it does kinda support my hunch that you're one of those federal agents.

16.08.2019 22:45

Decentralized agent with V2K yes. Sorry you have such a shitty outlook. I can see why you troll censored accounts that have their content hidden.

Only took you 5 minutes to troll it, and it is hidden content......

17.08.2019 01:35

Because I get a notification when my friend's name is mentioned.
You're not as special as you think, snowflake.
Well played though. I can't tell if you're a delusional psychopath or a rookie cop. Not that there's much of a difference.

17.08.2019 01:37

You sound sooo guilty.

17.08.2019 11:41

Yes. And yes.

17.08.2019 16:09

Get a clue.

19.08.2019 11:07

But again, what does that have to do with your paranoid meth-fueled delusion that @fyrstikken is somehow the guy sitting around smoke-filled rooms plotting world domination? What does that have to do with the subliminal messages that only you can hear? What does that have to do with your multiple felony warrants? Because I'll tell you something, precious: If "they" are a fraction as powerful as you seem to think (and out to get you, personally, of course, because you're sooooo much of a threat from the Salvation Army you live at), they're not plotting world domination. They achieved it long ago.

Turn yourself in. Beat the charges against you if they're actually false. Prove your claims. Otherwise you're just another raving lunatic moron on the internet.

17.08.2019 16:16

You know nothing. Is that what smart people do? Accuse people that come forward with warnings of actual scientifically proven harm of doing meth? This isn't an alien invasion fool. It is happening on earth. You will see. All in due time.

@fystikken take over the world. heh, hardly. He is using stolen shadow government technology V2K for nefarious reasons. He's going to jail or worse.

19.08.2019 11:18

We love the salvation army.

19.08.2019 15:36

I hear spamming an account I don't care about with downvotes on a crytpoblogging platform infested with federal agents proves you're not a delusional piece of shit.

Nice vote ring bro. It's not weird at all that you circle-jerk with yourself. Or that you're doing the exact thing you claim to be warning others about.

Too bad you're irrelevant.

19.08.2019 15:40

LIke, here's some evidence. Not proof, but compelling:


Now I could totally nuke every one of your accounts. 'Cause this isn't my only account either. But I actually want your content visible, so everyone can see why @steemit is a fucking toilet and its related tokens aren't worth shit. You're exemplary. :)

19.08.2019 15:57

And I'm not gonna get dragged off on some diversion about how persecuted you are. You claim to have proof of subliminal messaging on a Discord server, that you received threatening letters since 2016, that in late 2017 you were drugged (to what end?), that you are aware of subliminal messages on a Discord server, which nobody else seems to be aware of, and that somehow you were "dragged" into SteemSpeak which is somehow connected to your felony warrants.

If those charges are "made up", answer for them. Defend yourself at trial. Or do you actually think @fyrstikken has that much influence over the courts too? Nobody can manipulate every aspect of your life unless you let them. Grow up and take some responsibility for yourself.

If someone else made these claims to you, would you think they were sane and rational? Would you demand proof of such claims? Because it sounds like either the raving of a lunatic or the deliberate divisiveness of every government in history.

17.08.2019 01:54

You have no clue what so ever.

17.08.2019 11:41

@miryam Where specifically are these agents? Do you have delusional proof?

19.08.2019 16:40


20.08.2019 15:55

Sounds like you are a criminal, a bad trader, and that you have some problems with paranoia.

Lay off the drugs.

18.08.2019 01:17

Another ignorant druggie comment.

18.08.2019 12:42

Are you reading that from a script? Have you been messing around with hacker seeman?

19.08.2019 15:40

Radio program for TIs to gather on republicbroadcasting.org every evening.

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18.08.2019 13:38

Thanks. I'll check it out.

19.08.2019 11:03

I know this type of behaviour, you probably have bipolar disorder like my uncle.
When he was not on his meds he would 1000% believe that that the government is sending subliminal messages hrough radio and television broadcasts. He aslo said he received this information from higher authorities/beings that communcate with him through radio.

Please seek psychological/mental help, he is fine now on his medication and laughing about himself. This could be you?

18.08.2019 14:40

Yes because your gaming profile says you know it all. Jump on in the dragnet.

19.08.2019 23:19

I don't really know what my hobby/passion has to do with my analytical skills/intelligence and personal experience with mental illness in my family, that is similiar to your behaviour on this platform?

The fact alone, that you're creating multiple accounts/personas to further feed into your delusions just shows that you are mentally unstable. I don't really feel like further going down that hill, if you don't want to take advice and seek for mental help, okay...

20.08.2019 00:32

I don't really know what my hobby/passion has to do with my analytical skills/intelligence and personal experience with mental illness in my family, that is similiar to your behaviour on this platform?

Neither does he.

20.08.2019 17:17

Downvoting my friends to be heard? That's not at all the way you will be heard, but a good way to be hated.
Stop it.

18.08.2019 18:38

Your here. I have many accounts.

19.08.2019 11:06