Steemfest4 musings 1, The days 1&2, Flights, meetings, Siam Society & Wat Pathum Wanaram

Hey! :)

Me and my son @daabi2006 (Leo) took part in Steemfest 4 in Bangkok. It was our first endeavour into the blockchain community in large and if not counting some few friends of ours, the first time meeting any other Steemians live.

Waiting for our flight.

Entering the plane.
We could see what's going on outside the plane via the entertainment system...

...even what's under the plane.

On the flight, right next to us, we met a finnish guy Matias, who was also coming to the Prince Palace Hotel, so we decided to take the trip there together via the skytrain and then taxi. Sadly after getting to the hotel we never saw him again. He was going to stay in Thailand for a month so I guess he is still there.

Scenery from our room window:

Right after checking in and leaving our suitcases in our room, we went to the lobby to the meet'n'greet.

Asleep at the meet'n'greet.

Leo and I weren't much of a company to anyone on our first night, as the jetlag took us out cold on the first day. (Gotta remember that next time travelling over multiple time zones by plane.) So we were a bit awkward and standing while asleep when we first met everyone. Also too tired to remember we had cameras with us.

We were not aware of the Durian ban in hotels.
We eventually learned why.
But not using any electricity would've been quite difficult.

However I did quickly visit the pool area for the opening drinks as I suddenly woke up from my deep sleep somewhere around 23.00. I met @m31 and @lemony-cricket, and made an unforgettable impression of a guy who pours beer on his photo equipment. Other people I met on the first night were @Kaerpediem, @Gandalf, @Celestal and @Howo. I met others too, but I honestly missed getting them tagged. (My Steemfest app was on a huge tablet, because on my phone it just doesn't work. Using a tablet for connecting with people was a bit awkward and slow.)

Anyhow, then came the second day, and we took the river bus... the...

Siam Society.

Roeland gave us the intro.

The were there...


...and they got asked some hard questions...


...they had to think about...


...before giving the answer...




Then came the talk I think Leo must have found very interesting, when @Aggroed started talking about the Splinterlands game.


References to the Blizzard fiasco around a "Free Hongkong" statement were well received.



I videoed this talk, but I haven't yet seen it. No idea if I succeeded in filming it, and if the audio is good or piss poor. I might end up using the official stream clips to fill in on some parts in the editing. I had a few hiccups with my gear.

Wat Pathum Wanaram

At the end of the day, we went to a buddhist temple in the Pathum Wan district walled Wat Pathum Wanaram. (Leo and I were there a bit early as we got a tuktuk ride.)

Tuktuk ride:

Seeing the interesting way they direct traffic:


The guided tour begins:


The inside of the temple.

The ceiling of the temple.

Flower offerings.

A Temple cat:

Another temple cat.








I am sorry, but it's so late I'm going to go sleep and post more in the coming days.

I hope you liked this post. See ya!

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Hi @gamer00
I definitely think you and your son had a great time.

With the exception of what I comment on the food

23.11.2019 00:44

I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to talk more except for that one late night by the elevator in the hotel. I have to say I was very impressed with Leo's social skills and he wasn't shy at all in front of strangers and a group of adults. It was lovely chatting to him, listening to all his little stories from Finland. Hopefully we shall talk more next year.

By the way, hope you had a nice cooking experience the next morning.

23.11.2019 02:45

I would guess Leo enjoyed your talk too, and would like to continue where you left off. :)

We sure liked the cooking class. The tom-yum soup was my favourite, although I did like the fried morning glories and the hot papaya salad too. :)

I need to buy one of those papaya graters somewhere, and maybe a new wok pan. A gas stove would be nice...

24.11.2019 09:42

And then you would need to find all these ingrdients in Finland to ccok the meal!!

Hopefully Leo will find some time to post about his experience at SteemFest and his first trip abroad. I will be interested to see if from a child's point of view.

27.11.2019 14:03


I'm so glad to meet you and Leo during Steem Fest. He was a such a great kid and I'm glad he found his phone the other night. When we were taking the big group photo, he was actually next to me and he enjoyed every minute of it. I hope to meet you both again and take care :)

23.11.2019 04:32

Hey. :)

Glad to meet you too. I think Leo had a great time, he seemed to make many new friends. I just hope he would make a post here about it. (He's been a bit lazy lately, only looking at his phone all the time. Maybe it'd been better if it had stayed lost. eh...)

We both liked the trip, and now long back. But I think instead of Bangkok, maybe a smaller town would be nice. And yess we both would like to meet you guys again. It was fun! :)

23.11.2019 13:01

Undoubtedly this is a very interesting trip, judging by the photo there is something to see. A great interesting post. Thank you for the tour.

23.11.2019 06:18

Forgot to ask you how Leo is doing with all his sweets for his friends?!
Has he played that flying light yet?!

Oh! I hope he’ll try to cook Tom Yum and green curry one day!

23.11.2019 11:12


He took the hardcandies to school, and said the mangosteen ones were most successful.

It was a good thing he didn't take the toffees, since they had quite a strong smell. I guess it's both the durian and mangosteen that had created a very potent mix. We still have some of those, but they've been diminishing with a great speed anyway.

I would love to have him cook for us. The first week went by us having normal home cooked food as Leo had already missed it. Yesterday we had pizza. Everyone had to design their own toppings and then we would taste and score each 1-10 points. Leo won (24p) as he'd chosen the ingredients that best complemented each-other. I lost for some reason with only 19 points. I guess the capers were a bit too much for them. ;)

Sadly we forgot to take pictures of the making of and eating of the pizzas. I only noticed when over half of the damn thing was gone. (Maybe we were just hungry.)

23.11.2019 12:56

Okay! The Queen of Fruits won!
I am not surprised that Leo would get the best point in designing pizza, but if you won most points I would have been baffled!

Slowly settling down to routine and catching up with some work! One done, another big one is pressing on me! But almost half a dozen loose ends to be finished! Life is too busy these days.


Thanks for this useful box! Just finished it two days ago! I’ll go for the hard candy next!

Have a nice day!

24.11.2019 05:54

Great memories to enjoy now enjoyed watching that

23.11.2019 13:24

it is nice

24.11.2019 04:01

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24.11.2019 06:58

Very good post friends

25.11.2019 01:54

Thank you very much for this update! I see Leo at Steem! That's awesome too!


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26.11.2019 14:49

Nice & amazinf story trip!!

26.11.2019 17:37

Excellent working on steemit platform

28.11.2019 14:02


28.11.2019 23:37