Ninnu after a day at a dog show

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@gamer00, Those eyes which are hiding somewhere between those hairs telling one thing and that is, It's Sleeping 😴 Time. Stay blessed.

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07.12.2019 17:56

Oh! Ninnu does look very tired! Hope she had a good sleep!

07.12.2019 18:28


07.12.2019 19:20

looks tired so much time for ninnu to have some relax

08.12.2019 13:40

Lovely dog 😍 !

08.12.2019 15:00

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09.12.2019 02:48

She looks pretty cool!


09.12.2019 07:10

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09.12.2019 07:10

I am really sorry to see the more than 50% of the upvote was diminished; probably because that your content wasn't to his liking.

His justification would be:

  1. too short
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Personally for me, as part of a community builder, I wouldn't have passed this post for community upvotes. Not being personal; but simply I would ask the community member to improve his / her post.

That being said, downvoting without a proper explanation by the notorious social justice downvoter with such extent is uncalled for.

09.12.2019 09:55

Yes I understand it's not a stellar quality. It's just something I wanted to share. :)

09.12.2019 10:08

Well, at least your other posts are not touched by him.
Even the food bank got downvoted even with quality contents; but I think he has lessen the impact for real original newsletters. Probably he had a really bad day.

09.12.2019 10:13

He basically attacks everyone who has delegated or sponsored through @steembasicincome (SBI).

09.12.2019 10:32

Yeah, blindly most unfortunately.

I am not siding his crusades, but after talking to a few of our SF4 comrades, I think there is a point of why he is doing it (even though it's probably 90% personal dispute), SBI can be improved so that no one can use that as an excuse to attack it.

09.12.2019 10:48

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10.12.2019 18:31