GAMEIT Now Available on Steem-Engine

Have you ever wondered how to earn crypto on other Blockchains but don't want to switch because Steem is so awesome?

SR Rewards on TRON (TRX)

You can now purchase GameIT tokens on and start earning SR Rewards on the TRON blockchain.

How does this work? Click here to read our last post and find out!

GameIT supports Beatzcoin!

We have voted for Beatzcoin as Super Representative which means you will earn TRX and BeatzCoin weekly in your TRX Wallet.

Ready to start earning?

If you are ready to purchase, please head over to and send us your trx wallet address so we can pay you out. You can either post your wallet address in a comment here or send us a transaction of 0.001 STEEM and include the wallet address in the memo. We will refund your STEEM once we have recorded your wallet address.

Join our Telegram if you have questions!

Comments 3

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to earning more for our users.

09.12.2019 05:26

I love everything that you do Mr. Pro-Programmer. Front end back end html whatever it is you got it down sir. You will always have my support @qwoyn... have you heard about the potential Tron-Steem merger?

11.12.2019 07:38