Where on Wednesday: Sixteen - Right where I am

If you knew me, and could see me in person right now you'd see that I was annoyed; Actually angry would probably sum up my mood much better than annoyed would at the moment...And to be honest it's pretty plain to see for anyone who looks at me. I know this because the girl behind the counter at the café I go to around this time of day asked if "I was ok." Not a good way to present myself is it?

Time to attitude-adjust myself and get back on track.

I'm angry because of a work-related scenario that played out today in which a work-person, another manager on my level, tried to discredit me, devalue my effectiveness and compromise my position - All in front of the Company Director I report to and loudly enough for others in the office to hear. This person's attack was unwarranted, unprofessional and ineffective as it turns out, however I'm still angry. [Becoming less angry as I type this out though...Which is why I'm blogging right now.]

It wasn't until the owner of the café mentioned it that I realised I'd allowed this scenario to impact me so much, that I was perpetuating it by carrying the anger forward. She actually said that I looked like I wanted to kill someone and she really wasn't too far from the truth.

Life doesn't always go our way does it? Things don't always flow on as per our grand design [assuming you have a grand design] and sometimes we have to address aspects in life, to amend, adapt and overcome the challenges; These challenges can also relate to our own mood, attitude and feelings. Like with me today.

Dealing with adversity can be difficult as we sometimes allow ego, pride, hubris and self-preservation emotions to cloud our judgement however dealing with adversity is an important aspect of life and one which each of us should learn. [In my humble opinion anyway.]

It's a 37°C day today, so very hot, and I have loads of appointments with my last being at 6pm. I'll get home around 8pm. It's a big day and to go into it with the wrong attitude will ruin my effectiveness - A state of play that is not acceptable to me.

I've taken a break, headed over to the café for an iced caffe-latte and a bite to eat. It's me detaching from my day, mood and attitude to ensure I don't carry it forward into the rest of my day. Writing about it helps too. Detachment is important.

Detaching from a situation provides the ability to find clarity of thought, to evaluate, consider and strategise. Leaders all over the world know that this is the best way to move forward with greater effectiveness. You'll even see it on the battlefield - A leader simply turning his or her back away from the firing line during a gun-fight will allow that degree of detachment and the clarity of thought required to make better decisions.

Have you ever been told to count to ten before you act by a parent? That's detachment. It's just a pause, a small moment to think things through, evaluate, prioritise, strategise and decide on a course of action.

I wasn't in a gun-fight today, and my parents aren't around to tell me to count to ten, but this café, the blog-writing, coffee and food, is the detachment I needed to re-evaluate winning attitude I apply to everything I do.

So...Where would I rather be this Wednesday? This week is an interesting one because my answer is right here, at work, with my winning attitude....After my detachment-coffee of course. I'm content to be right where I am today. 😏

Just tag #whereonwednesday in your post, on a Wednesday, to join in if you would like. It's not a challenge or anything dumb like that, neither do you get anything for it. It's just a chance to post your thoughts and maybe a picture or two.

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30.10.2019 02:01

We all need a perspective reset sometimes. I got one today, too!

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30.10.2019 02:18

I give myself attitude adjustments all the time. Keeps me on-point. The only one capable of truly commanding my attitude is myself.

Thanks for commenting, I think it’s the first time you’ve popped up on my blog with a comment and I appreciate it.

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30.10.2019 03:02

Glad you are detaching from the issue and moving forward in a positive response and attitude 👍

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30.10.2019 02:23

Yeah, always good to take a pause before acting rashly.

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30.10.2019 03:00

How would you handle this situation in the future if it happens again in the future?

30.10.2019 02:59

Exactly the same.

I haven’t actually mentioned in my post about how I handled the situation at work, only my own attitude, which you would know of course as you’ve read the post.

As I say in the post, gaining a small degree of detachment allows room for thought and better decision-making. So, I would handle it the same. The situation at work? Well, I’d handle that the same too although I haven’t elaborated on that matter.

30.10.2019 03:00

Yes, I was interested on how you handle the situation at your work☺️, specifically how did you clear up your name or how did you handle that person attacking you.

30.10.2019 04:56

I can’t explain that without getting specific and I can’t do that as my work is often confidential in nature.

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30.10.2019 04:58

I see.

30.10.2019 05:03

Beautiful view, thanks for share your Wednesday memories.

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30.10.2019 04:43

Time to destroy the mother F*cker!!! Jk! You handled it like a gentleman and that is why you are who you are. But seriously what a dbag!

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30.10.2019 07:22

Yeah, had a blunt spoon handy, perfect for cutting hearts out, but I refrained. Gotta set a good example. Let assholes like that other manager ruin their own reputations. 😄

30.10.2019 07:24

Pausing, even just briefly, before reacting/replying/rewhatevering to something is not always easy, but usually the best way to go.

30.10.2019 20:12

Yes, I agree.

30.10.2019 21:20

Cold.... Alone.... In the Rain.....

In the middle of....

Bum Fuk Arkansaws US of A.

That is #whereonwednesday

But I am one up on You.......

No one Backstabbed Me right in the Face 2 day....... Smfh.

31.10.2019 02:02

Ah yeah, I heard about bum fuk, doesn’t sound like the sort of place I’d wanna be. Keep dem cheeks clenched.

I know right? He gotta wake up earlier in the morning to get one over me though. All he’s done is paint a target on himself...

Really pissed me off yesterday but was a good reminder that controlling my attitude, and emotions, is better than.l not. That’s what I learned along with who not to trust. Another on the shit-list.

People fucking suck sometimes huh?

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31.10.2019 02:14