Where on Wednesday Fifteen - Dirt roads and Wednesday's that are Friday's

My working week is just a memory; It fades rapidly, becoming increasingly obscure, just like the road behind me in the rear-view mirror. The dust my truck kicks up hides where I've been, the road behind, but it's all good, I'm not going that way - I'm moving forward towards what lies ahead; The weekend. Florida Georgia Line are pumping through the speakers interrupted only by my crude attempt at singing along and the rustle of the corn chip packet as my left hand dives in for road-trip-snacks.

Ok, so the above is not really happening right now...It's just my mind drifting away on a #whereonwednesday to where I'll find myself at around 10am Thursday morning.

It's been a long short week so far, but one filled with a lot of work. That generally happens when I return to work from vacation unfortunately. It's only Wednesday but I feel like it should be Friday considering how much work I've done. Oh, hang on...This week Wednesday is Friday. So...Does that mean...This weeks' #whereonwednesday is actually #whereonfriday? Hmm, I think possibly it does! But only figuratively speaking. Confused?

Today, Wednesday is the last day of my working week as I'm heading away for a four-day weekend with Thursday and Friday off. I know! A three-day working-week then a long weekend directly after returning from a vacation! Crazy-talk huh? But it's true. Lucky me. I love it when a plan comes together, although I guess it's only Wednesday and I'm still at work so the plan hasn't reached full-penetration yet...But it's getting there. Penetration imminent.

I'm heading away to a place called Mount Gambier deep in the south-east corner of South Australia. It's not too far from the neighbouring State, Victoria, and about 450km away from my house - About a 5-hour drive with a stop for snacks and to stretch the legs. I'm heading down there for a shooting event on Friday and Saturday and to hang out with some bro's and bro-ette's for a bit and returning late Sunday afternoon. I'm solo on this trip as Faith has to work. I'd rather she was travelling with me but on his occasion it's not possible.

Mount Gambier is a cool sort of place built around logging mainly and surrounded by legit pine forests and awesome off-roading tracks - Not that I'll have much time to enjoy them; This weekend will be busy, at least during the day as the shooting event will take all my focus. It's also well-known for its limestone, volcanic landscape and crater lakes. The Blue Lake, is pretty cool and one of the better-known ones. It turns cobalt blue in summer which is a sight to see.

My shooting-friends group is still coming to terms with the suicide of some friends, a husband and wife couple, several weeks ago and this weekend will be the first time many of us are all together again so it'll be interesting to see how people have dealt with it. For me, well I guess I've made peace with it and have moved forward. Sure, I'll miss them but I no longer dwell on the circumstances, more just the memories I have of them, of who they were in better times. Life goes on I suppose right? We'll have a beer for them I guess.

I'm looking forward to the drive. I always do. The road feels somewhat cathartic to me; It brings me a sort of peace or comfort I guess. It's the hum of wheels on the road, singing along to tunes, the way the countryside floats past and the knowledge that the road before me is all I need to focus on. Of course I've got the shooting event to focus on too but that drive offers a buffer between the corporate me and the me I truly am - I know which version of me I like better. [Hint: Not the work me.] I feel better when I'm in the country, away from the city, from the corporate-me and the rules society imposes. Give me the countryside any day!

I got to the office this morning at 6am, wrote emails, made calls and had two client-meetings signing contracts with two new clients - A legit mornings' work. I'm sitting in my office writing this post at the moment and it's about lunch time. I'll be heading out with a colleague for lunch at the pub today which I'm looking forward to - I have some good news to deliver to her...But it's the road I'm thinking about, and where I'd rather be right now. It's country music on the speakers, snacks in the console next to me and a cloud of dust obscuring my rearward vision that I'm really looking forward to. Bring on Thursday morning and go-time!

Anyway, that's my #whereonwednesday post today. I hope y'all have a great hump-day and your run into the weekend is smooth. Keep pushing, you're almost there - Keep the shiny side up and those big wheels rollin'. Your Wednesday might not look like a Friday but it'll be here before you know it.

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23.10.2019 01:01

Wish every working "week" was only three day's.

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23.10.2019 01:16

Ah if only man...If only.

23.10.2019 01:25

Since I am a working man, I try to understand how important Weekend is to another working man, though everyone respects all working people. Enjoy your time.

23.10.2019 01:58

I try to live my best version of life on each day but weekends are special right?

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23.10.2019 02:13

Some magnificent fresh water scuba diving down that way. Just gotta get off my arse and go do these things, instead of talking about it on the internet :)

23.10.2019 08:08

Got a mate who scuba's down there a lot. He's cave-qualified too so has done some stuff for the police as well - Recoveries etc. I've not done it myself but have heard it's pretty spectacular. You should get into it Matt, life's too short you know.

23.10.2019 08:34