Where on Wednesday eighteen: Home...Waiting for Lego

Today I'm supposed to receive my latest Lego set by courier. They've sent the email notifying of my delivery which has gotten me a little excited, and taken my focus away from what I am supposed to be doing - Meeting with some clients and signing some contracts. Of course, this man-child has no option but to be business-man at times and so I'll handle the clients and contract-signing...All the while I'll be thinking about my Lego though - If only they knew.

I've left strict instructions for my wife to text me the moment my Lego turns up - When I say strict instructions what I really mean is that I asked her nicely to let me know, which I am sure she will do as she knows how excited I am to get this set.

I've selected this particular set because it aligned with one of my hobbies, and it has some very cool features. It's quite a large set too, over 2500 pieces, so should provide quite a few hours of enjoyment, and probably some frustration. I will do a post about the set once I have it, or a post about how the courier company failed miserably if they don't deliver it today. I'll be happy or sad I guess.

I'm turning into a bit of a Lego freak to be honest; I'm enjoying building it so much.

I'm not worried [yet] as I haven't started taking days off work to stay home and build Lego however I can't promise you it won't happen - You know I'm joking right? [Kind of.] It's been somewhat of a revelation, how much I'm enjoying Lego-building and i wish I had a little me to share it with but we're a childless couple and so I play the dual-role of man and child...Man-child.

On Sunday I purchased another set from a retailer in the city who is having a 20% off sale on Lego. It's a big set and one of those that can be two different things - Two builds for the price of one! I was so tempted to start it Sunday night but decided I'd wait for the one due today instead. I really only bought it because it was cheaper than normal and I'll get to it at some stage - Why pay more than I have to right? They also have a nice Aston Martin DB5 set there too...Hmm... src (I added the words - No that's not me.)

I've got a lot of hobbies; Some cost lots of money to do, some not. I think it's safe to say Lego is now one of them, a hobby, and to be completely honest I think it's legit. It could be worse right? I could be down at the pub until all hours of the night drinking, playing the slot machines or betting on horse or dog racing - I could be doing crack too I suppose. Lego is harmless enjoyment and I find it relaxing so...Why not right?

OK, I better get my game-face on for that contract-signing. My next post, hopefully, will showcase my new lego build...Or it could simply be a picture of me in abject misery, Legoless - I'm in the hands of the courier.

Anyway, that's where I'd rather be and what I'd rather be doing right now.

Just tag #whereonwednesday in your post, on a Wednesday, to join in if you would like. It's not a challenge or anything dumb like that, neither do you get anything for it. It's just a chance to post your thoughts and maybe a picture or two.

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12.11.2019 20:21

Stop daydreaming and get back to work🤣🤣 hope the Lego turns up today 🤞.

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12.11.2019 21:39


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12.11.2019 21:40

Henry's individually chosen pieces arrived yesterday. Fingers crossed yours arrive today, and we'll have two happy campers.

12.11.2019 23:33

I’m hoping my grin is that big too...No texts yet though 🥺

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13.11.2019 00:34

Still think you should just get a big bucket of bricks and have at it ;D Hope you've got it now! (I'm not sure on the time difference)

13.11.2019 06:05

Gotta build up that bucket of bricks somehow. Getting sets gives me a load of different parts and pieces so from there we'll see how the bucket of bricks builds.

13.11.2019 06:10

Watch out, it's taken hold. It starts with a couple of sets, then a few more, then you see details on some of the older, retired sets that are no longer in production - that can hurt the wallet.

15.11.2019 23:14

Hmm, yes I can see how that may happen. Might have to get a second job to support my habit. 😳

15.11.2019 23:22

I just turned my habit into a second job!

16.11.2019 09:55

The store? Yeah, I wasn't sure if that was your primary or secondary gig...Either way a very cool thing to do. I'd like to do something passive like that - Meaning something I can do from home rather than go out for, not passive in that you do nothing.

16.11.2019 09:59