Peak-performance life out of ten

It's all coming to an end in only a few weeks; The year and decade I mean. It will be replaced with a new one of course and I'll be turning 50 so the beginning of my sixth decade on this planet. I sometimes wonder what it will hold for my wife and I, although I have some idea as we have always planned ahead rather than move forward without a strategy. Of course, surprises happen right?

My working year concludes on the 20th of the month which I'm looking forward to. I only had two weeks off all year and went to New Zealand. You can check it out on the #aussies-newzealand tag if you're so inclined. A couple weeks of doing nothing looks pretty good right about now.

I work as an executive in the property industry, commercial, industrial and residential. Despite often finding myself in some cafΓ© or other, I work hard at increasing my performance, writing more business, consolidating the existing and of course leading my team.

I go ok, am pretty good at what I do and apply years of knowledge, industry and in general, towards peak-performance, efficiency and a consistently-improving business; It's my responsibility to the Directors to do so.

I have an annual budget to write and am held accountable for achieving it - I also get paid on a bonus-system when I exceed it, which happens each year; That happens through hard work and effort of course, not by waiting for it to fall on a silver platter held out in expectant hands.

My work year doesn't actually end with the calendar year though - My budget, or reporting year, runs in line with the fiscal year, the tax reporting year; This is 1 July to 30 June here in Australia.

I track my performance and results very closely and report monthly to the Directors; Otherwise I'm left alone. They do so because I am always ahead of the budget and doing the right thing.

An example? 1 July to 30 December is halfway through the fiscal year and as a guide I need to be sitting at around 50% of my annual budget...Today, on the sixth of the month, I'm at 68% of my annual figure. So yeah, slaughtering it. [I'm not sorry if I sound smug, I've worked hard for this!]

I also have about 12% more pending, just not reported on so...That brings me to 80% of my annual budget in six months of the year. That's why the Directors leave me to my own devices.

A happy accident? Nope. Handed to me on a silver platter? Nope. Worked for with effort, ownership and responsibility? You betcha!

I've been setting myself up for the run into the third quarter of the fiscal year, January-March and my goal is to have 100% of my budget written by the end of March. Maybe a big ask considering that I'll lose ground over the Christmas-New Year period although that's my goal. My stretch-goal is 100% by the end of February. Boom! Why the hell not?

I don't believe one needs to be in business, or a corporate environment, to aim at peak-performance. I mean, wouldn't a person want to live a peak-performance life? That doesn't mean you have to run everywhere, or always be chasing something...It just means living one's best life and taking the decisions and actions that will deliver that - Or give one the best chance of it anyway.

I always evaluate my calendar and fiscal year plus evaluate monthly, weekly and daily (3-hourly at work) aiming to understand the as-is situation and looking to improve it - You know, rating it out of ten and trying to improve the rating in the next 3 hours, day, week etc. This allows me to give the year an overall rating. Others do it differently, or not at all, and I guess there's no right way...Just different ways. This is mine.

Anyway, this is all super-boring to you probably. However my question is:

  • How has your year been out of ten and what do you need to do next year to increase it by one?

I think my calendar year has been a seven out of ten and the first half of the fiscal year an eight out of ten...I'm working towards how I can make that and eight and nine respectively in 2020.

How about you? What's your 2020 strategy?

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default

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05.12.2019 14:01

You sound as If you know what you are doing.

My plans for next year is to still be pushing myself upwards and onwards. I don't work as im disabled so my plans are to carry on with what gardening i can do, improve my bee & buttertly corner and hopefully produce more fruit from my fruit trees. :)

05.12.2019 15:08

I try, but there's always more to learn, further to develop and improve. Thanks for saying so.

It doesn't matter what it is a person does, it's all life and all has to be thought out to some degree. You've got goals obviously...Add a plan to achieve them and get on with it and boom you're on the right path. It doesn't have to be complicated, it just has to be activated. Which you're doing. Well done.many don't.

Thanks for responding, I hope you are well.

05.12.2019 20:46

Sorry i missed this one.

I am trying to get on thr right path, i am closer than i was 2 weeks ago. I have a plan which i think would be better wrote down so i can see how far i have come.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

07.12.2019 13:46

No problem at all. Yes, writing things down has great benefit I think. I hope you have a great weekend also. Hope the weather is good too. 38°C here tomorrow. Not good. 🌞

07.12.2019 13:49

Its horrible here rain, winds and really cold. Nothing new here in the UK lol :)

07.12.2019 20:35

Yes, that's why a lot of you end up here! It's almost 10am here and it already hot. I have chores to do so will be out in it.

07.12.2019 23:14

I hate Winter, i really should move somewhere warmer, enjoy the warmth :)

07.12.2019 23:59

There's this little place where the British sent their criminals back in the early 1800's...It's warm to very hot...We like it though...Maybe a good place to go for warmth...Even if you didn't steal an apple of loaf of bread like my ancestors did.πŸ˜ƒ

08.12.2019 00:03

Your apples are safe as I'm not a fan unless the in a fruit pie with custard, Lol
The heat would certainly help my aching joints :)

08.12.2019 00:11

You trying to sweet-talk me with suggestions of apple pie and custard? Gawd, I could go a delicious treat right about now. πŸ˜ƒ

08.12.2019 00:33

I did Haha didn't have apple pie in so made myself a fruit salad, chocolate ice cream with squirty cream in top. . Now got indigestion Haha

08.12.2019 01:39

Sounds good...But none for me. Oh well, I haven't worked hard enough yet anyway, still more chores to do.

08.12.2019 01:56

There's always more chorea to do, the never ending lol

09.12.2019 00:18

Yep, it's a chore thinking about chores! πŸ˜ƒ

09.12.2019 00:50

Thanks for share your thoughts

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05.12.2019 15:54

Of course, and thank you in return for your engaging comment after not reading my post.

05.12.2019 20:47

You could +1 by spelling all your tags right 😁

Doing ok since I started back at work, as soon as the bs SOPs and settling in is done I’m going to come up with the goods for the new place and get my salary boosted - or move on to rinse and repeat.

05.12.2019 16:24

Haha.. cryatifcoyn! Bloody fingers. πŸ˜‚

It takes time...Years sometimes which is how long I've been at it. It wasn't until I secured a life/business coach some years back that I started really getting on track - I was good, now I'm better, for that reason. I don't have one now, but surround myself with the right people, and deeply all the little tricks and strategies each day.

Need some time off though. Glad things are good st your new place. You have the right attitude and that's most of what counts.

05.12.2019 20:42

Wow, impressive to me that you've got it so mapped out and I can see how that would definitely be helpful for me--I mean getting it down to hours because it's so easy to start the next day while repeatedly throwing away an evening.
Not boring because I'm going to sit down and rate things and do just as you suggest, figure out how I can increase by one. Thanks!
BTW, sixty?! You look fantastic!

05.12.2019 23:53

Not sixty...Starting my 6th decade...50 in March. 😏

That pic was take a few months ago...I might look older now. πŸ˜‚

06.12.2019 00:05

You look fantastic for 49! :P xx

06.12.2019 00:42

Haha, well, my next post about motorbikes going live in 2 hours shows me at 32...I couple photos I felt brave enough to share...It's a bit frightening, the difference. Still, that's what life does to a person. Thanks for saying so.

06.12.2019 00:54

I really, really wanted to come and say something intelligent on your latest post, with proper punctuation and grammar. However, as your post mentions 'budget' and 'fiscal' and 'plan' and vocabulary of that ilk, I am afraid I have to refrain from commenting. Can I merely say 'sounds good, well done, keep up the good work' and get away with it? Period period.

06.12.2019 00:40

Haha! All good, I'll take any comments...At least you period period'ed it!

I couldn't write that post without using the word fiscal. Don't hold it against me...I'm really just a country lad faking it in a city world.

06.12.2019 00:52

It’s amazing and curious to me, how many more years of life on this planet, and of course your own natural demeanor and drive, have shaped your mindset and what you care to speak about.

Reading your posts about how you carry yourself throughout life.. u can simply tell you’ve had a whole lot of experience in your life. 60 years ?! I’m not even 30!

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06.12.2019 07:00

I've done some stuff for sure. Been around.

P.s. 6th decade...Not 60. 50 in March.

Thanks for commenting, as always.

06.12.2019 07:27

That’s what I thought that you were only just turning 50! But kinda threw me off ha. Wise like a 60 tho hahaha

06.12.2019 19:27

Oh yeah, I'm like Galileo Galilee or something...Wise beyond my years. πŸ™ˆ Yes, I realised that had thrown a few so I amended it in the post.

It's like in 1901 it was called the 20th century as it had started...Same principle with the decade comment. The first decade for me started when I was born, not when I was 10. Savvy? πŸ˜‰

06.12.2019 21:50

Keep up that pace at work and money will not be an issue if you do buy that bike you are talking about. The bigger hurdle seems to the wife. I can totally understand her point of view. The clip I just watched on your most recent post got my blood racing and it was just a video.

Love your attitude about work. Things that one has earned are appreciated a hell of a lot more than when they are just handed to you.

As far as my strategy for improving on what i do at work, that is simple.
Having retired 3 years ago, my strategy is to enjoy the fruits of my labor. After 45 years of providing for my family of 6 it's my turn do what ever i feel like doing.

No silver platter here, and that is the only way i would have it.

Keep on trucken @galenkp

06.12.2019 11:18

My parents didn't have much to go around when I was growing up however they brought us up to work hard, earn what we have or get and to respect it, and other people of course. That ethos followed me into adulthood and so I apply myself at work, and in everything else I do.

Retired huh? Sounds good. I have a long way to go before I get there though. I'm 50 (almost0 and was unfortunate enough to be involved in a business with a guy who decided all my money would be better if it was his. Cost me a lot including an early retirement. Taught me a lot too though of course. So, I work but am also careful to live life because it's too short not to.

Again, thanks for your comments, and kind words.

06.12.2019 11:29

I can still hear these words coming from my father in-law. In God we trust, others pay cash. When it comes to money, even with those we think we know, money can bring out the worst in people.

06.12.2019 13:08

Sure can. I learned valuable lessons although I have to admit, it almost ended me. I'm better for it now though, still a bit rusty in places, but otherwise pretty good shape.

06.12.2019 13:14

I love people that can stay focused on goals both short term and long term. @thebigsweed and I have formed a pretty good partnership over the 50 years we have been together. We started out with the short term goal of staying together, keeping each other happy and standing together no matter what life threw at us.
Our long term goal, was raise our children in a healthy positive way and see them through all the bumps they would have to get through.

Our long, long goal was to retire to our farm in Upstate NY. Grow our own food, make our own maple syrup and harvest the hops to make our own beer😜.

Mission accomplished! Except we make lists now, since many times, we can't remember sit.πŸ˜πŸ™„πŸ˜€

06.12.2019 16:24

This seems like a really nice goal and to know it's played out to plan...Even better.

I have been together with my wife for 32 years, 26 married and have a similar ethos. We were kids when we met really (she wasn't even 16) and so we had to grow up first but we have lead a pretty interesting life, had challenges, failure and success. Sometimes I wish I could have provided more, financially, but we go ok and have always put more emphasis on experience than things anyway. We can't complain...We don't have quad bikes and a farm though.


06.12.2019 21:14

Sir galenkp! Do you have time to train anyone? Because you'd be the world's best trainer for your company. When you retire you should hire on as a consultant! Your system is tremendous!

11.12.2019 01:50

I mentor a few now...Nothing serious and not just in my industry. Just people who want to improve their understanding, performance or attitude. Thanks for saying so...It's something I've thought about. Consulting I mean.

11.12.2019 01:54

So many people are making the huge bucks in consulting after they retire!

11.12.2019 18:11

It's probably what I will do. Someone offered recently to assist me but it's not the right time just yet. I have connections though, so in the future, who knows?

11.12.2019 21:14

By the time you retire your reputation and resume will be so well known that you'll be able to step into that role effortlessly and for huge bucks at your own pace. You'll finally be able to buy that island your wife wants! lol.

12.12.2019 00:24

Love island ya reckon?

To be honest I do want an island...It's called Ireland! πŸ˜‚

Yeah, we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping not to have to work when I back off a bit...We'll see. I want to travel more, to learn some new things, hobbies...To experience more.

12.12.2019 00:33

When you back off a bit in 12 years?

12.12.2019 03:59

We do all that now...Just want to do more...We travel a lot now though. (I don't put it all on here.)

12.12.2019 04:38

Oh ok, got it. I don't know how you have time to travel and still maintain all your steemit activity!

12.12.2019 17:04

Good planning. I also post only once a day and don't comment as much. Keeps it simple.

12.12.2019 20:24

I guess my problem is that my history posts many times take several hours to put together because of the research and searching for period photos.

13.12.2019 00:55

Yep, I hear you. I would normally spend 2-4 hours doing one on the wars or something historical. I like to get my facts right. Makes it difficult to be consistent with it.

13.12.2019 01:12

oh, you do historical posts too? Or did you give that up?

13.12.2019 17:04

I do heaps...Lots of military ones, but also about places I go. I love history. More interesting than the present.

13.12.2019 18:41

Yes sir and important lessons to learn from.

14.12.2019 03:50