False pride? Nope, real as it gets

I'm quick to call out hubris and rarely do I respond well to it; Hubris get's in the way of progress in my opinion and has lead some to act in ways they would have been better off not to, and brought results commensurate with that action. Hubris, or excessive pride or over-confidence has brought many people to their knees, and will do so again I'm sure.

Pride isn't a negative emotion though, in fact, it can be a very positive and uplifting one, if used correctly and at the right time. Right now I'm feeling a lot of pride, not in myself although I am proud of many of my achievements, but in someone else. Who? My brother actually...Not the one you know though, a different one.

The brother I refer to is younger than me and has had a difficult several years but it's all coming together now and I'm really proud of him, how he has juggled the scenarios he has been placed in - It has been very difficult for him but he's approached it with a great deal of maturity, ownership, responsibility and energy.

I won't go into the whole story as it's private but I'll throw a little light on it.

He was heading up an engineering company and had a great income and life, until redundancy came calling. He spent the next year trying to get back into his particular field of engineering however the industry seemed intent upon employing young grads, paying two of them less than it would cost the company for my brother and seemed happy with shoddy, inexperienced work.

He needed a new plan.

He investigated and decided a change of direction would be the best way to go; Still engineering, but a different sector. Nautical. But he wasn't a nautical engineer so had to go back to university. The problem was that there is only one place in Australia that offers that degree, (only a few in the world actually) and it was thousands of kilometres away from where he and his wife lived. He lives at the very top of the country, and the university was at the very bottom. They took the hard road though, the one that would (hopefully) pay big dividends down the track, and he went. For years.

He would fly back in between semesters, and when money permitted, but otherwise lived in a share-house with some other students, twenty years his junior, and got his nose to the grindstone at what is a very difficult degree.

In the meantime his wife worked two jobs and helped keep things together. I think tuna from a can and some cracker biscuits is all he has eaten for several years, but all he was interested in was studying and passing, then getting a job in his field. Oh, throw into the mix that they had a son a year and a half ago too...Yeah, seems stressful to me. src

You know what though? He finished up at university a month ago, flew home the next day and started working at a marine engineering firm three days later after having several other opportunities to select from also. He is earning money now, a pretty decent salary, but has several years of not earning to make up for so is still hard at it.

Good story huh? I've not added in a lot of detail but you can fill in the blanks. It has been really difficult for them and to their credit have handled it themselves. He never asked me for money. Not once. I would have given him some of course, but he never asked and I never disrespected him by offering. He's dug deep, in true Aussie-grit-style and owned that shit!

So, I've just booked a flight to Launceston, Tasmania for the 13th of December to attend his graduation - I just want a blackmail picture of him in that wanky gown and hat! Nah, seriously, I am very proud of him and his achievement and am happy to spend a bit of cash to be there, the only brother he has who can do so through logistical reasons.

I'm flying down on Friday night and flying home Sunday 15th so it's a quick trip but he's not hanging around longer anyway. He'll be arriving at my place on the 17th to spend about 10 days here, Christmas included, before heading north and home; That's a 4,400 kilometre (2734 miles) drive from my place to his and they plan to see some stuff on the way back too.

Firstly, I'm looking forward to seeing him, meeting his wife and my nephew plus seeing him graduate. I'm really very proud and will tell him so, but in true man-style there won't be a lot of emotion. I feel it though. I am incredibly proud of him.

Secondly I'm looking forward to spending some time with him and his family here. This is the brother who played tailback to my fullback in our American football team so we've been through a lot together and are pretty close, as will all my brothers I guess. It will be good to have him here.

I don't have much to give him as a graduation gift other than my respect and pride although what he doesn't know is that I've been buying a little silver for him here and there. I'll give it to him when he gets here in South Australia and again, there won't be a lot of emotion, just respect and gratitude. That's enough.

I saw some images only today of the ships my brother is working with...Huge ones, grey and black ones with guns. You know, the ones he's not allowed to say anything about. It's cool though. I'm just glad he can now make up for several years of being absent from his wife, 18 months of which he was a father. It must have been tough.

It's doubtful he'll be out of work again, that industry is always seeking good engineers and because of his age and experience in other sectors of engineering and mechanics he'll be well-sought-after as he was recently.

Anyway, I'll probably grab some pictures and whilst I won't show any of him because he likes anonymity and can't have a digital footprint due the nature of his work I'll show you something at least.

So yep, I don't hold to hubris myself, false or elevated pride...However I'm feeling a lot of pride right now and am looking forward to seeing the smile on his face at his graduation ceremony.

Drinks on me that night! (Although he drinks more than I do so I should set parameters - No credit cards on the bar!) 😂 Nah, fuck it, he deserves it.

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29.11.2019 01:21

Pride is what will get me in the end 😆

Damn straight you should be bursting with pride over your brother though, he done good by the sounds of things 😄

29.11.2019 02:38

At least you admit it.

Yeah, he's done well. It's a very difficult degree and there were moments he was extremely challenged...Like always. He had the right attitude and is obviously a smart dude. Will be good to see him holding that degree certificate.

29.11.2019 03:33

Glad he's doing well. We'll miss you at the BBQ; but that's a pretty great reason :)

29.11.2019 02:52

Yeah, I reckon too. I'll be there in spirit.

29.11.2019 03:34

Glad his hard work is paying dividends. Hope you have a great though shirt time in Tasmania 😀

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29.11.2019 03:27

You reckon the weather gods will be kind?

29.11.2019 03:34

Thanks for share your thoughts

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29.11.2019 06:21

No worries. Seems like you liked the post. What part did you like the best?

29.11.2019 06:34

Oh man, fantastic story sir galenkp! Wow, he did amazing and so did his wife. Good for him and them. Do you have any other amazing brothers? Or sisters?

02.12.2019 04:57

My family has 4 boys and 1 girl in it. I'm the second oldest and most average. All the others are way more amazing than me.

02.12.2019 06:17

That's a little hard to believe, that you're more average but I love humility and humbleness so I'll take that for now. lol. So another brother, a fourth one! What does he do?

02.12.2019 19:22

Nah, 3 brothers...(4 boys in total, and a sister.) She's an exec for a drug company, one brother is a nautical engineer as per this post, one is in training in the IT sector and the other owns distribution rights in EU for a tool company plus builds custom cars with another. None live here anymore.

02.12.2019 20:52

So the one we haven't heard about, or at least I haven't, is in the IT sector? None live close to the home town anymore?

03.12.2019 02:53

Nah, @tarazkp works in the tech-industry, he is a trainer. Closest one lives 1,800km away from here, one 4,500km and two in Finland, a billion km away. 😁

03.12.2019 03:08

The ones who left Australia left for career reasons?

03.12.2019 17:35

Nah, eldest moved there with his wife who is Finnish - They met here. Youngest went for a year for a holiday and stayed - That was 16 years ago or so.

03.12.2019 21:09

Very interesting. I wonder if any will move back when they retire. Get back to their roots.

04.12.2019 01:41

Nope, I doubt it. The eldest has multiple companies there and is established and the younger has his own business and job...They'll visit home I guess, but it's unlikely either will relocate back.

04.12.2019 02:18

Do they come to visit?

04.12.2019 18:01

Nah, not really - Too far and they have lives to lead I guess. Do you have family close by and see them much?

04.12.2019 22:23

That's too bad but maybe when everyone retires. All my family are up in Kansas but I don't stay in close contact, just holiday cards and such.

05.12.2019 01:21

I have to get my ass to the US someday. Want to see some of these places I've heard about all my life. Who knows, I might stop by for a charcoal BBQ and a beverage at your place. (Unnounced of course!) 😂

05.12.2019 01:28

Unannounced! lol...ok you can try that. We live down a private drive and there's a rule here in Texas that you don't drive down a private drive unless you've been invited! It's a good way to get shot up.

But at least I would check someone out before I started shootin. lol. I agree, though, there's tons of places I'd like to see here too.

05.12.2019 01:50

Same here...Shoot and leave them out for the wildlife! 😂😂🙈

05.12.2019 01:56

lol..what a barbarian! My kind of guy!

05.12.2019 17:23

Bwahaha! A nice barbarian.

05.12.2019 20:53