Diesel dinosaur and its Lego interpretation

For over 100 years the name Mack has been synonymous with the trucking industry - Pure American-made muscle, powerful, bold and, if not a looker, then a rugged and iconic presence on roads around the world. I'm not sure how many kilometres that burly bulldog hood ornament has seen however it's certain to be a massive number! (Yes, I know Mack trucks are now not just made in America, I worked for Volvo/Mack here in Australia as a quality control officer for a short period).

A little while ago Mack, owned now by parent company Volvo, launched it's latest evolution of prime mover, the Mack Anthem. It's a combination of their proud heritage and styling married with that of the future, a more aerodynamic stance which has obviously borrowed heavily from Volvo.

The range of diesel engines offer up to 505 horsepower and 1,860 pound-feet of pull-the-hell-outta-any-damned-thing torque and it's aerodynamic styling cuts through the air more efficiently than ever before. The truck was designed around surveys of truck drivers and is a comfortable home away from home for the guys and gals who keep freight moving on roads around the world.

I like it, but then I like trucks period I guess. The thing is that this evolution could well be the last diesel evolution of its kind with the rise of electric technology. Instant torque, less moving parts, additional reliability and performance found through electric power could see the end of diesel power in trucks in the future. Of course range and recharge time would need to be improved for it to become viable I believe.

Mack Anthem YouTube video from Mack channel below:

When looking for a new Lego build recently I came across Lego's version of the Mack Anthem. They'd been approached by Mack to create it and have done an amazing job on it I think. One of the department stores here had a 20% sale on Lego a few weeks ago and I decided to take advantage of it by grabbing my own Mack Anthem. You can see a snap of the front of the box above in the main image.

This is a cool, and quite large set and model at 83cm (32 inches) long and over 2500 parts. This is a dual-model set too which means it can be taken apart and built into the Mack LR garbage truck also; I thought it was good value at 20% off. The video below will give you an idea of size.

Mack Anthem Lego Technic video from Lego channel below:

I'm yet to complete my Landrover Defender build as I'm waiting for a small part that was missing however my attention is starting to turn towards the next build now, the Mack Anthem.

I know you're probably sick of seeing my Lego posts but doing a post is a great way for me to document the build and collate some images. I'll do the same with the Mack and whatever I build next...I have a clue about what it will be but more about that later. I guess you could always go and look at out of focus photos of boulders or gates or flowers if you don't like my Lego posts.

Stay tuned, or not.

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Are you having a moment? I was scrubbing through my feed on esteem before dragging my carcass out of bed and you're seeming a bit doubtful over the last couple of posts XD

Jeez that build looks huge. Do you have a dedicated shelving unit in your house for them so they can be on display when you're not playing with them? XD

01.12.2019 02:17

Haven't thought about a shelving unit yet...I've got a little room here and there though so will work something out I'm sure. I think it'll wear thin with Faith at some stage though. 😂

01.12.2019 02:25

It's not like you're taking up an entire room in the house.

You do have a spare room you could set aside right and then you can just shut the door and it will be out of sight out of mind and everyone wins

01.12.2019 15:11

Yeah, I have a spare room I could use I guess, it's just Faith and I after all.

01.12.2019 20:55

I don't get sick of any of your posts! Xx

01.12.2019 05:48

Aww thanks...I tend to ramble though huh? 😟😄

01.12.2019 05:56

The Mack Anthem looks great when complete. I haven't had the pleasure of building it myself, but a couple of members of our local LUG have built them and they are a very impressive unit.

02.12.2019 02:51

Yes, I'm keen to start it for sure. I just picked up the Extreme 4x4 also, the one with remote control (Thanks Target sale!)

I'm also thinking that moving forward I'm going to pick up some blocks and bits and pieces so I can freestyle a bit - Make some unique creations.

02.12.2019 03:17

Howdy sir galenkp! Awesome build that's going to be. How much are those Mack's? Do they have an avg build time in hours on the box? lol. Where is the Lego company?

07.12.2019 01:43

Lego is based in Denmark I believe, it's a massive operation! Build time...Not sure, nothing is specified although the Defender took me 24 hours in total so probably about that I think for the Mack. One can't rush too much as it has to be done right. Pieces put in place very early come into play later usually so have to be located correctly. The Defender is complete now and I will be photographing it today for a completion post. Ut came out really well, all works and is generally awesome.

07.12.2019 01:50

Those things are just amazing. The precision which all the tiny parts especially have to be made with, I'd like to see the process and the machines they use.

07.12.2019 16:37

There's a documentary on it around the place. Maybe YouTube will have it? Their process, start to finish is incredible.

07.12.2019 23:45

I bet that's an interesting place to work!

08.12.2019 05:39

Sure would be.

08.12.2019 05:46