All the little bits

Lego is life...OK, probably not, but I believe it could be argued that life is a little bit like Lego. Don't you think? Loads of little bits and pieces coming together to make up the whole. You see it right?

In life we spend the early years finding our feet so to speak, learning the basics of life, and as we get older we gain more knowledge and wisdom through experience, research, study and osmosis also I guess too. All of these elements come together, either at the one time, or at sporadic moments in life, to culminate in what is our life. So, yeah, it's a bit like Lego, at least in my Lego-obsessed mind anyway.

But it doesn't always go to plan does it?

Last night I was building part three of my latest Lego build and I made a small error early on...I'd placed two tiny parts in one hole instead of another...It was a minor error that went unnoticed until much later when I was attempting to connect a complicated sub-assembly into the prime mover; The instrument panel section as it turns out. Needless to say it didn't go well as I had to backtrack, disassemble over 50% of what I'd just assembled and rectify my error. Yes, I made up some new swear words but also learned a lesson...And had a late night.

And that's the thing isn't it? Learning lessons from life, concatenating all the little bits of life and applying them into the now-moments and future-moments then learning from them and duplicating the process with necessary amendments over and over.

Everything we do in our individual life can be considered life-bits and it's what we do with those bits that help define us personally, as part of the community and as a human being in general.

I'm not perfect, not one of us is, and like other people have before me I've failed to on-board valuable life-bits or place them in the appropriate spots, apply them effectively with future implications being the result. However I have always been good at recognising them, and my failures, and amending, adjusting and adapting even should that mean a little deconstruction in the process.

Life isn't easy, or straightforward, and certainly doesn't come with an instruction manual like Lego does...But even if it did we, (humans) would still be the flawed and imperfect creatures that we are...It's inevitable. But part of being human is cognitive thought and that allows us to evaluate ourselves and others and to make (hopefully) appropriate choices.

All we can do is own it. Own what? Well, life I guess and our mistakes, failures, oversights, poor behaviour, good behaviour, greed, hubris and any other life-bit that comes along...Evaluate, amend and adapt then move forward...Just like I did with my Lego last night.

So yeah, life is like Lego. How's yours looking?

Tomorrow isn't promised - Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default
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I have this mental disorder.....

I would be 5 min into the build. Throw the build sheet aside and end up trying to build an Optimus Prime Transformer... Lmao
ic3doi9x2r.jpg search optimus prime//

16.01.2020 02:49

Shall I just leave this here??

16.01.2020 04:12

Hmm, looks like Optimus got stuck in the early 1980's.

16.01.2020 05:51

Yeah, it certainly has that 80s feel about it. There's a few other creations around, but this one was a bit nostalgic toward the original G1 toys I had as a kid.

17.01.2020 03:19

I've gone with the automotive theme so far...But like some of the other stuff...So much lego so little time money! πŸ˜‚

17.01.2020 03:53

Haaaaa.... There it is.!!!!

16.01.2020 14:30

Actually Kre-o did an official Transformers line which weren't too bad from memory

17.01.2020 03:31

That would be cool...I wonder if Lego would ever design one? Maybe they have already I guess.

16.01.2020 05:24

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16.01.2020 03:01

O so many lessons to learn.

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16.01.2020 03:05

Yes...And some over and over...Lol.

16.01.2020 05:23

Great to see things coming along nicely!

16.01.2020 04:31

Once I've got stage three done I'll do a full post...Had to stop halfway as I ran out of time due to my error. I hate leaving a stage half-built!

It's coming together well though. Looks pretty cool!

16.01.2020 05:23

Those early mistakes, even though you were just one hole off, can totally throw the whole thing out of whack. Your analogy here is great. My son was building a LEGO technic set and forgot 1 gear deep in the middle. I have never seen him so mad. There was no calming him down right away. So we left it for the night. Then the next day I grabbed him and we sat down and tore the whole thing apart and worked together to rebuild it. A total of 8 hours to build that tractor deleo. Sometimes, you just need a little help from someone with a little experience and a clear head.

16.01.2020 05:00

Oh yeah, been there done that! Last night I came away relatively unscathed, but lost almost 2 hours of time un-building and re-building...All because I was one hole off. Stupid, but it happens.

My analogy here, Lego to life feels very relevant, to many anyway...How many times have I made a small error only to find large implications later...Loads of times. As you say though, it's about experience, a clear head and sometimes a little help along the way.

Thanks for responding so relevantly. Much appreciated.

16.01.2020 05:21

I don’t get around to reading many posts but I am glad I ran across this one.

Is that your own custom build or is it a set? I used to have a bunch of the LEGO model team semi trucks but they are in pieces now. My son destroyed the technic tractor but these 2 have survived. So far....

16.01.2020 05:42

The build I'm doing, and wrote about here, is the Mack Anthem.

I did the Landrover Defender last time which was bloody awesome to build. It's huge! Really technical too. Most complicated (sophisticated) Lego gear box to date. Was a good build.

I like that crane truck in the images. I have the Extreme 4x4 off-roader to do next though.

16.01.2020 05:50

Awesome!! Ya I saw the Land Rover when I was searching online. The sticker price of some of those legos is insane!! Then I think about all the time and patients it took for someone to create it. Here we are following instructions and the LEGO master builders are actually designing them.

We are gonna motorized the trailer holding the cargo box one of these days. My son and I have some steps we need to fab up for my truck this weekend. We got some welding to do, should be a fun time.

16.01.2020 13:15

It's pretty incredible how they come up with the designs and make them work. I guess computers help but it all starts with someone's brain right?

There's a light kit for the Mack Anthem that would be cool, but it's a bit of money and I'd rather invest that in more Lego.

Good luck with motorising the trailer, and the welding this weekend.

16.01.2020 21:07

Well we got more snow so... let’s hope I don’t have to work this weekend. πŸ˜‰

17.01.2020 02:02

You're a linesman I think right?

17.01.2020 02:24


17.01.2020 02:38

Must suck working in the snow but I guess that's when things tend to go wrong...I'm not a linesman but have some advice for you...Don't grab the wires. πŸ™„πŸ’₯

17.01.2020 02:41

LOL. Actually it’s kind of fun going into the mountains and clearing all the trees off the lines and repairing stuff. Provided you have the right gear as in clothing. You can get into big trouble real fast. Did you happen to check out my last post? I’m not trying to advertise or anything but it is a small example of what goes on.

17.01.2020 02:44

I think I saw it, but didn't give it a good once over...I will rectify that now...πŸ™ˆβœ…

17.01.2020 02:46

We Lineman are a different breed of people πŸ˜‰

17.01.2020 02:53

I heard that actually...Like you say though, must be nice to get into the mountains/forest, do some off-roading and stuff...Sure you work and all, but at least you're not in an office like me.

17.01.2020 02:55

Amen to that πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ I just have a truck for an office. Lol

17.01.2020 03:05

My sort of office...Unfortunately I have to have a dumb one with walls and a computer. :)

17.01.2020 03:49

I saw the picture and was like...


16.01.2020 05:43

Haha! Yeah, it's a good looking build. I'll have a full post up about stage three of the build at some point soon.

16.01.2020 05:48

"Failure is always an option" - Adam Savage

What we do with the failure is the important part. Do we just give up? Or do we look at what went wrong, accept it, and use it as a teaching moment to, hopefully, not fail in the same way again?

17.01.2020 20:50

My dad used to tell me that failure prepares me for success. I agree. Thanks for commenting.

17.01.2020 21:40

Sudoku is even worse. If you make a mistake, throw it in the bin. No way you're coming back from that.

18.01.2020 09:53

You know, I've never actually done one sudoku in my life. Wouldn't know how.

18.01.2020 11:47

Man, that thing's really coming together sir galenkp! Well, this was a week ago, it's probably together by now. lol. Made up some cuss words! lol.

23.01.2020 03:11

It's getting there isn't it! I'm really enjoying this one a lot. It's technical, but not as complicated as the Landrover Defender was. It's been a lot of fun. I'm now up to stage four which is finishing off the prime mover before five and six which builds the trailer.

23.01.2020 03:13