Disney- Brave


This story caught my attention from the beginning. In the first instance, it was attractive for being set in Scotland and medieval times. Then, I was interested in its aesthetics and music. I love how the reddish hair of the characters was made, and how Merida wore his hair loose to the wind as a free soul. The main lullaby is very beautiful too; I have that track in my favorites. Although I do not agree with all the messages of the film, I liked the last one: we have to be brave to discover our destiny.

It was a very pleasant experience for me, and that is why I made this drawing with crayons on a white opaline. I started with the character of Merida. I just had to draw that rebellious, reddish hair. I'm sorry it can't be appreciated very well in this scanned image but each curl was a combination of colors and lines to best imitate her hair. After drawing her, I made other decorative elements such as her mother bear, the castle, the stone circle, and the lights or fatuous fires that guided her throughout history. It's an unusual Disney movie, but I appreciated all the artistic and good that it offered.

work made in a white opaline with crayons

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