Pixeos Doodle Contest | Round 6 | Fred Nogueira

Today, the 6th round of Pixeos doodle contest ended. The main theme was to create a doodle, in a tradiotional or digital way, with Fred Nogueira who is the CEO of this project. He is a young person with dark hair and a big beard, so it occurred to me to use that beard in my creation.

First, I made the sketch. I drew Fred on a profile view and extended his beard all over the base of the drawing. Then with some pixels I formed the Chestaedron, EOS blockchain logo.

My Idea of extending the beard was to draw some of Pixeos' creations on it like Voxie, lucky black cat, the unicorn from pixeos reel, a pixel avatar as in the avatar generator, the logo of paint canvas, and some cubes from blockatrix. They are all confortable in his creator's beard dwelling with him hehe. Voxie is even sleeping there.

This drawing was made in 2hrs from Sketch to photos. I used mainly the crayons you see in the picture and the drawing was made on a letter size paper. Wish me luck in the contest!


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