Korok Seed Quest Completed - Poop as Reward?

The Korok are a peculiar race part of the Zelda games universe. They are the spirits of the forest, Deku tree buds, quest guide pixies for Link. They have always been my favorite creatures. In Zelda: Breath of the Wild there is an alternate quest of finding 900 Korok seeds throughout the entire huge map.

This was the last Korok hidden in the map I found. It was at the top of Hyrule Castle, the final area of the game. He tells me I must go see Obab, a large Korok who charged me seeds for expansions in my saddlebag. I thought that the reward after those maximum improvements would be great because it meant reviewing every but every corner of the world to find these coveted seeds.

Everything was poetic: the highest point of the castle, the glowing horizon with a golden sun, the feeling of accomplishment after 8 months of playing. I was on top, literally and figuratively. When I heard of the reward I was a little excited. a mask? a power? an ocarina? Surely it will give me something great ... or so I thought childishly.

When I arrived with the chubby Korok Obab, he was amazed at my achievement. "What a great news!" he exclaimed for it. There comes the prize, I can feel it ... is ... is ...it sure is ....


No, wait a minute. It's something more than that, it is... it's...it's...


I obtained Korok Poop as a reward? sh*t, poop, dung, crap, deposition, feces... Poop?

What a cruel joke I've lived with Zelda, it even says that the mysterious "seed" smells weird ... I hope at least it Confuses the enemies and dissuades them from fighting with me while I finish the game. Life can be cruel, even in videogames ... I will still carry my Korok poop with pride.

I completed 900 seeds, not one was missing. I searched under the stones, over the trees, inside trunks, in the apple trees, in rivers, in lakes, on the highest peaks, in deep canyons, at unusual places and again under the stones. It took me 8 months but I completed it, and although my prize is poop it doesn't take away the feeling of accomplishment XD.

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Well that was unexpected... Can you do anything with it? Or is it more of a trophy?

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27.08.2019 04:02

It's only a "trophy" with the shape and smell of poop lol

27.08.2019 15:02

They should have made it usable. In ocarina of time they had seeds and I remember getting something for planting them. At least give the player a secret room or something a little more! Lol

27.08.2019 20:40