The First Blogging Platform Built on the Steem Blockchain!

No, it's not Steemit, Busy or any other popular decentralized application you might use to write your blog posts.

This is a blogging platform, much like Wordpress is!

Top bloggers, when they think of their blog, they want a personalized website, a custom domain name and search engine optimization, all to reflect their brand.

Otherwise it's their account on Steem, Reddit, Medium, etc. One of their accounts. But not their blog.

I'm not sure you feel the distinction.

It's a different thing with a self-hosted Wordpress blog, for example. Bloggers have their own domain, chose their theme (which they probably customized), chose their plugins. When someone lands on their blog, they land in their place, customized to their liking.

This is NOT a pleading for Wordpress, I can hardly find the motivation to post on my blog there.

But I tried to offer a small view of why Wordpress is so popular: easy to use, highly customizable, personal and branded image easy to integrate.

Steemit and Busy don't offer that liberty, and probably it's good they don't. I'd hate to see some light green text on pink background in my feed.

But if they don't, it doesn't mean another platform built on Steem doesn't!

Introducing... Engrave

I've recently came across this new website Engrave, which is the first blogging platform built on the Steem blockchain. They also have an account on Steem (@engrave), but there are no posts yet. I'm not sure, but I think its developer (or one of them) is @nicniezgrublem from the Polish community, because @engrave has set him as a proxy, and @nicniezgrublem is a programmer.


Being a new platform, don't expect it to compare with Wordpress! But here are a few points that I'd like to emphasize:

  • you don't need to pay for hosting, everything is stored on the Steem blockchain
  • your blog posts benefit of the Steem rewards (Steem, SBD), since they are on the Steem blockchain
  • you can choose one of several website templates (or order a custom template)
  • SEO friendly templates
  • you can use your own domain name
  • fully responsive, which means that you can use it regardless of device and the interface will adapt
    Read more on their website!

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