Sharp knife falling? Let me catch it! :) I just bought a little more STEEM.

When a price falls sharply, it's compared to a knife falling. And the advice is not to try to catch the knife falling, because you'll get hurt.

Right now, I don't care much about technical analysis or market sentiment or the above advice. I have my own thresholds and they have nothing to do with TE.

STEEM fell bellow 20 cents, I bought some (around 18 cents at the time). Down below 15 cents I've bought some more today, at around 12.6 cents. 10 cents in sight?

I don't have deep pockets, so the 1,373 STEEM I purchased and powered up is significant enough for me.

I don't expect anyone to follow what I do. It's my risk and my long term view of the Steem project. You might have a different approach or other constraints.

After powering up I was also able to increase my delegation to my main account (you might remember I have a SP collector account) a little bit over the psychological limit of 5,000 SP.

It's not all psychological though, being a dolphin. The cool benefit of this new power added to my main account is that I was finally able to claim a free account using my RCs. Well, I have less than 3% RCs left after doing that, but I did it! And always wanted to be able to do it, lol!

I hope you guys will navigate well in the sea of red and see you all unharmed on the other side! Be on the lookout for any sharks, they eat fish of all sizes! Although I've just read sharks tend to be afraid of pods of dolphins, and orcas even eat them... Ha, we seem to be safer in our ecosystem. :)

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25.09.2019 10:21

I can't argue with your logic since I purchased some STEEM last night.

Congrats on being a Dolphin. Steem is definitely having a Dolphinfest these days. I think we are up 30 this month alone.

Dont worry, those RC charge up quickly. You won't be hindered from interacting by claiming accounts at 5,000 SP.

Lots of good stuff going on.

25.09.2019 13:33

Thanks! 30 new dolphins this month is good news.

Yes, I wasn't worried about my RCs. Just remarked that I was on the edge of being able to claim free accounts.

Looking forward for more growth on Steem.

25.09.2019 14:57

Congrats on your new purchase!
I'm also doing that FREE account claim, but I have leased the majority of my SP :( Anyways... I will get there eventually... I mean, in dolphin area :)

25.09.2019 16:04

Thanks! Nice perk to come from leased SP! And I'm sure you will become a dolphin too.

25.09.2019 16:07

Good move. STEEM is a value play right now. I will buy some more tonight. Resteemed.

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26.09.2019 00:26

Thanks and yes, it's easy to become a minnow or even a dolphin these days with these prices.

26.09.2019 06:14