Sensational Autumn Flowers

Wow, it's the eve of SteemFest4! And it's the only sunny day of the week from the looks of it, where I live, which is one more reason to feel great today.

I've seen the posts about the new token of Appics, and I wanted to try to post this from their platform, but unless I'm missing something, I couldn't find the Appics app in Google Store.

So, here we go, from Partiko once more.

We have all kind of flowers in our garden. Some of them are all seasons (except winter of course), like the roses, some of them only blossom in the spring, and some only blossom in the autumn.

We also have a flower which blossoms during the day and the flowers close during the night. It's a springtime flower.

I'm not very good with their names, so don't ask for details, lol...

But here's how awesome our autumn flowers look like.

...and not all of them have (fully) blossomed already. Maybe I'll do a follow-up post when the others will.

I hope you enjoyed them! :)

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