Ready For SteemFest 4?

Updated (alternate) link to watch Conference Day 1 live feed:

I remember during last year's SteemFest from Krakow, I consumed countless hours of live and recorded materials from the live feed and posts from participants.

Live feed is your friend, but also your enemy. You might forget (i.e. ignore) to do anything else, so be warned: you might keep your eyes glued to the screen of your laptop / desktop or phone, if you are not on site!

Now that I gave you the fair warning, let's also tell you that the live feed will start in about 12 hours from the time of publishing this post.

Looks like I'll have to watch the recording in the morning, 12 hours from now it'll be between 4 and 5am my time.

It is, just as last year, split in two, one for the first day, one for the second day. Last year we had live feed from two locations at least during one of the days (so I believe there were 3 live feeds in total), not sure this year, or haven't found the other feeds yet.

Make sure you follow @steemfest account during this period both on Steem and on Twitter.

Plus the accounts of those present at Steemfest 4 who might show us more interesting stuff and impressions we can't see on the live feeds.

Here are the live feeds for SteemFest 4, Bangkok, Thailand. :)

Day 1 (see an alternate link at the beginning of the post!)


Day 2

Let's Rock!

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06.11.2019 14:31

I didn't even know there was going to be a live feed. I really need to get out more, lol

06.11.2019 14:34

I actually found out about the live feed links... from my feed. Not out, still in, kinda. :)

06.11.2019 14:55