Preparing For Non-Linear Curves

I made it clear I think the non-linear curve (may it be convergent linear like in the EIP or more or less superlinear like in the SCOTs) is not good news for small accounts, which will take the biggest hit.

But they are, or in the case of HF21, will be here, and feeling sorry for ourselves doesn't do us any good.

Neither is leaving or becoming inactive, in my opinion, especially if you've invested enough time and / or money here.

Steem has been declared dead quite a few times, and yet here it is, alive and kicking, with projects that fill us of excitement. Is it perfect? Certainly not!

But I strongly believe everyone who gives Steem a chance can find his or her corner (i.e. community, application, game etc.), where he or she feels appreciated.

It may take a few failures before you find it. But then, both you and the community will benefit from finding each other.

Anyway, back on track, because I'm digressing.

I'm trying to prepare the best I can for the changes we're experiencing and which will come with HF21 as well.

I read posts on the topic, I do my own tests and changes in behavior, and make more tweaks.

For example, recently it became clearly an issue that we have a continuous imbalance between the voting power on Steem and that on other SCOTs, like PAL, LEO, SPT etc.

The solution to maintain the balance of the various voting powers isn't easy.

Asher wrote a very good guide on how this can be accomplished using multiple accounts and setting up auto-voting rules.
He continued his initial guide with a second part and more observations:

As a temporary solution this is very good, and I adopted it as well.
But on the long term it has at lest two drawbacks:

  • it is kind of inflexible: once you set up a rule, to change the ratio between the votes, you need to update the rule. That also lacks the flexibility to choose different ratios for different votes (let's say two consecutive votes, for the same tags).
  • you need multiple accounts to manage the whole thing, and the more accounts you have the more complexity you add to managing them (even if some 'work' on autopilot).

That's why I was hoping someone could come up with a better alternative, at the UI level. My bet is on @steempeak. Have you seen their recent release update? It's two weeks apart since the last one, by the way!

Even if you don't need multiple accounts to fix this VP imbalance, it is likely you already have a few alts. Some have a main acount and a different one for "lite" or "random" or "actifit" content. A separate (or more) gaming accounts come in handy. And so on.

I have a couple of accounts, and I know you will never manage the alts as well as you do your main account.

Even more, if it wasn't a problem to create separate accounts for different things in the past, in the future this won't be recommended.

Why? With a linear reward curve, you can split the SP between accounts and their total vote worth is the same. On a non-linear curve, it's indicated to keep all or as much of your SP in one place, otherwise you'll erode the value of your SP.

I began to move all SP from all my alts to @gadrian-sp (already moved most of the available SP from my main account there).

I will keep on my alts enough SP to let them function properly, for their intended purpose.

For my actifit account, I will keep 50 SP on it since I publish my stats daily. For my main Steem Monsters account, I will keep 30-35 SP on it, because I don't post as often (this may be too little for the game, will have to see). For my other alts, 25 SP will be enough, because all they need it for is voting and playing games. Rarely testing something.

I guess that makes it easier going forward. I often wondered how will I manage the slow growth of the alts. There we go. All my accounts except the SP 'collector' will be in perpetual power down mode, my alts will have delegated SP to have enough RCs for their operation and the bulk of the SP will be delegated to my main account.

There are many variables we can only start to understand well after HF21 will roll out and start to produce effects in the real Steem economy. But a power down takes 13 weeks even when you move your stake from one account to another, so I started early.

At least since I don't sell (nor buy more) STEEM, I don't have to worry or be glad about the falling price. It's true, I would be glad if it went up.

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I will keep one account and keep going on this one. ;)

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11.07.2019 17:08

That seems like a wise choice for the coming HF21.

11.07.2019 17:15

after HF it will be hard for content creators i guess

11.07.2019 17:20

We will adapt. Even if the changes don't favor content creators.

11.07.2019 17:25

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12.07.2019 09:44

In order to "win" under HF21, you need to consolidate your steempower.

That in part means reversing delegations to either bidbots and other projects. I'm not sure people fully understand that. There seems to be an assumption that behaviour need not change after the hardfork.

12.07.2019 10:06

I agree, with one ammendment. I'm not sure how much difference will it make for small accounts. Will 1000SP in your account be significantly better than 500SP? Or will 500SP + certain delegations be better? I guess we will see.

12.07.2019 10:11

I think making different accounts is clever for curation, however, for being an author it's different. Trying to be successful with several different accounts is difficult. Also, people have a tendency to do too many cross-promotions which is really off-putting. I get annoied when I read people's blogs and 50% of the content is just recycled copypasta linking me to all the other stuff they are doing.

13.07.2019 06:45

Might not be as clever for curation in the future. One of the points of the new reward curve will be to try to entice people to put all their SP together. And for curation cross tokens, I believe there will be different ways in the future to keep the balance between voting powers.

Yeah, about cross-promotions, they are leveraging their bigger audience to grow their smaller accounts, mostly. But it's a fine line, some people will be put off by these resteems, if they are following for that niche and not the whole pallete of interests or projects of the author.

13.07.2019 07:16

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13.07.2019 14:31