Passive Investors and Active Curation

Before #NewSteem, not enough big investors on the Steem blockchain were also active users, in a sense of manually doing stuff on the platform, like curating.

They might want a set and forget kind of deal. You set the initial details and expect a ROI.

To be honest, I don't believe "set and forget" deals really exist. They might work for a while, but without supervision, without tweaking and course corrections, nothing works flawlessly forever.

We have a very good example here with where brought us the previous economic setup on Steem and especially the abuse of it.

And big passive investors expecting a ROI were part of the problem.

In the New Steem beginnings, some of them started to change, to be active and pro-active against potential abusers.

Being active on Steem offers you some ROI advantages, but at a cost: time.

I believe sooner or later enough of the previously passive investors will want to go back to the old passive approach, but will still want to earn ROI, or else they will lose compared to the active steemians.

And there's no way to force an investor who wants to be passive to stay active to earn a little few extra points of ROI, if he or she values his or her time more.


We need to get through to passive investors, especially big ones, that turning to automated ROI generators (like the old-style bidbots) hurt the platform, and by doing this, they hurt their own investment.

As a #NewSteem alternative -- and that's especially suitable for big investors who don't want to spend too much time curating on Steem, but value their investment here -- they can hire one or more excellent and proven curators with different areas of expertise to do the curation work for them. I'm sure the involved curators will be happy too and, for a whale or even large orca the payment to curators can be insignificant, compared to rewards.

Why not just trail great curation guilds with your vote? That can be an option, but it's not personalized, and many do follow this path. You want your own mark on the ecosystem, don't you? Plus, with your own curation team behind, others might trail your vote. And an even bigger plus for the entire platform: if curators are not the same, but still great all of them, it's likely a better distribution of rewards will be reached.

We have already seen some of the previously blamed bidbot businesses assemble curation teams and spread their votes to many steemians, not only the popular ones.

They suddenly don't seem so "evil" with this change in operation, do they? It is about attitude, but since they are businesses, also about the doubled curation rewards. But I think this road can also be taken by big personal accounts, if they lack the time to curate manually themselves.

Here's a great tool developed by @noisy, that a large stakeholder can use to delegate curating rights to certain people, under strictly defined rulesets. You need to be a little tech savvy to use it for now, or ask someone with the right skills to install and set it up for you.

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Help if you can, please.
Is there a list of top 100 stakeholders in Steem. All I found was a defunct link to steemdb/richlist??

27.09.2019 13:30

Sure, here it is:

There is also SteemWhales, haven't checked that out in a while.

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