#NewSteem, Is It About Algorithm or Attitude Change?

When nature is getting ready for the winter, leaves turn gold, then brown and they fall.
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Seems like content creation and even to a higher extent active curation on Steem of the #OldSteem? Somehow I felt like enough Steemians had no more vigor or interest.

But now, it is more like new life has been infused into Steem, much like springtime:
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More active curation, penalizing abusers, seeing some people who haven't posted in a long time do it again. All great signs so far.

My hope is after #NewSteem we will have a #BetterSteem in the future, and we won't go back to fall after a while, like in the succession of seasons.

Steem is - I dare say - unlike any other cryptocurrency out there.

The rules for bitcoin are simple. Math governs it.

On Steem we have a symbiosis between math (algorithms) and people.

Without working algorithms (and infrastructure), there are no new blocks, no blockchain, no rules, no reward pool, and yes, no posts or votes either.

But people are the ones determining who is governing the blockchain, what gets SPS funding and how are the reward pool rewards distributed.

And our attitude is very important!

We have seen where total passiveness or delegation to accounts ran by automated scripts has brought us during the Old Steem.

On the New Steem, it's not only the algorithms that changed.

With changed algorithms, but our Old Steem attitude, we wouldn't have gone anywhere. It would have been business as usual.

But we can see people's attitudes changed (or changing) across the ecosystem.

Could we have changed our attitude in the OldSteem and reach similar results, without the changes brought by EIP?

After seeing everything unfold, I doubt it.

We needed a point of inflexion, and that couldn't be without a significant reshape of the rules of the game and an exact time when the switch happened.

Declarations wouldn't have been enough, without the real possibility of coercion and the incentive of better rewards.

Just as I doubt only the changes brought by EIP would have meant anything good for the ecosystem, if we remained attached to the old ways of doing things. So the change in attitude was and is crucial!

The only thing that matters now is to persevere. We cannot back down on our NewSteem attitude and we cannot just see it as a necessary push, and then fade out until we go back to the old attitude.

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Greetings, friend @gadrian. Today I'm back here after a few days of absence, I've seen changes, I hope they are positive and beneficial for everyone. Definitively the attitude is fundamental to continue unharmed in the way, of that we know a lot by these sides. I was delighted to find such an interesting publication. Greetings.

23.09.2019 16:33

I'm glad to see you back and I hope you will enjoy both the attitude and the new economics of the #newsteem. Together they make more sense.

23.09.2019 16:44