More Great News For Wordpress Bloggers

At times like this, I almost regret I took down my Wordpress blog. But it was a well calculated decision I think, and I have to remember that.

But if I would still have my Wordpress blog, what the guys at Steempress have been doing and have plans on improving further, is a great incentive to use their plugin. I actually did use it when Steempress what still very new and I still had the blog.

I just had a look at Steempress plugin page. and saw the plugin is actively developed as expected, and currently has more than 2000 installations, which is quite well but there's still a long way to go to reach 34% of the total internet websites which are using Wordpress in 2019.

The descriptions and features page could use a little update, because there are developments not included there (like the comment widget).

Seeing the last review is a little old, I thought I could contribute a bit with a review of Steempress plugin myself, even though it's been a while since I had it installed on my blog. But I did use the comment widget to upvote and comment on a few Wordpress blogs recently (thanks to @paulag).
Maybe a few more recent reviews by actual and recent users of the Steempress plugin would be helpful.

Since I don't have a Wordpress blog anymore, I can't test this, but the loading speed of the comment widget (as well as the plugin overall) is important and should be a priority! Many bloggers cut everything to the bone to make their blogs run faster. I did that too.

I also have been following closely their progress and developments on the website.

What I really like about their progress so far and their future plans, is they understand well and think of the Wordpress bloggers they want to onboard, and their user experience with Steempress website and plugin.

Because let's be honest, when you want to build a bridge between almost different cultures, you have to pay attention to both. And if you want to bridge the gap between them, and draw one (the mainstream and established one) closer to another (the new and innovative one), you have to speak the language of the mainstream, so they can understand what you are saying.

The new referral program will also help spread the world about Steempress. Guest accounts -- with possibility to earn your Steem account once the "guest" receives at least $5 worth of STEEM votes -- will make onboarding smoother.

If you have a Wordpress blog and haven't tried Steempress yet, I invite you to do that.

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ohhhhh thanks for the reminder....I gotta leave a review

24.09.2019 21:47

Yup, you certainly use Steempress a lot and your feedback would be great for them.

25.09.2019 07:18