Monthly change of the amount of staked tokens to remain or become a Minnow, Dolphin, Orca or Whale for a Scot Tribe

You might have seen reports like this before:

I think they are pretty cool and can provide certain thresholds for people to use as goals.

I suspected though, and my little experiment today (and previous observations) confirmed, these thresholds are not very stable. And that's because tribes are still very young and the structure and influence of stakeholders can still change significantly from one month to another. The levels mostly increase, as more tokens are distributed as rewards or to miners, and then at least some of them staked. Since the tribes are at the beginning, even these staked rewards can significantly increase the levels for minnows, dolphins, orcas and whales for a tribe.

So, in this post, I take the latest two reports (1, 2) from @holger80, which are almost a month apart, and want to see the change in percents to keep the status of minnow, dolphin, orca or whale in each tribe (the change in percent is the same for all of these levels, but the raw number of tokens needed is obviously increasing the higher you go up the ladder).

Before I go into the numbers, I want to remark that the way Holger defines the levels of minnow, dolphin, orca and whale is based on the stake structure of Steem, and there are quite a few factors which are or can be different for a specific Scot than on Steem:

  • different inflation (higher than Steem's right now?)
  • mining, which isn't enabled on Steem
  • witness rewards and interest, which exist on Steem, but not for Scots
  • different way to split the rewards on certain tribes than on Steem
  • reserve tokens which are kept and given as incentives or future drops
  • burning tokens
  • etc.

I think these minnow to whale levels would probably make more sense if they are defined from the Scot perspective, but until we find a good way to do that, and probably not so soon into their existence, these stats offer some initial landmarks.

That being said, let's see how the thresholds evolved this month (I excluded new Scots which don't show up in Holger's report from last month or those for which the difference between levels from last month to this one changes by more than +/-300% for whatever reason).

PAL: +10.85%

What does that mean? That you need to have at least 10.85% more PAL tokens this month than you needed last month to keep the same influence on this ladder (minnow, dolphin, orca, whale).

NEOXAG: +73.62%

Now, that's a change! With 85 NEOXAG you were a dolphin last month. Now you need 147.

CCC: +30.20%

SPORTS: +109.99%

GG: +22.98%

LEO: +6.82%

INT: +157.01%

STEM: 7.32%

ZZAN: 3.44%

MARLIANS: +178.62%

JAHM: +13.49%

SPACO: +100.00%

SPT: +20.93%

SCT: +26.36%

WEED: +21.72%

BATTLE: +5.24%

RHB: +14.90%

LIV: +257.16%

NATRL: +110.97%

ACTNEARN: +119.68%

CTP: +180.89%

PORN: +56.36%

AAA: +3.90%

MOT: -78.23%

ASS: +46.19%

UFM: +148.23%

TMT: +6.30%

IV: +6.39%

The reason why I marked differently higher percents doesn't mean anything regarding how good or bad the token and tribe are. That is for you to determine. What it means is that the higher the percent, the more active you need to be in using that tribe and gathering or buying and staking new tokens, or you will quickly lose influence.

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I agree completely. It is going to take some time to figure it all out. The SCOT tokens do have variables not seen with STEEM and vice versa.

Nevertheless, it is a good to have an idea about where different levels are. The fact that they are changing on a monthly basis shows the activity is taking place on the different platforms.

This is good to see. The one constant is all but one of the tokens you listed went up from previous reports.

This shows how valuable it is to be an early adopter and the necessity to keep working in said tribe. The tribe is not standing still.

13.09.2019 15:50

I still am not sure whether it's a good thing to have a high difference month over month on these levels or a lower one.

My take so far is that it depends on the tribe and on the stakeholder and his or her intentions. A passive holder won't do well in a highly dynamic tribe, that seems certain.

13.09.2019 16:36

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