Less Relevant Trending Page After Communities

I've watched the interview of @andrarchy with @vandeberg and @justinw from Steemit Inc. with some very interesting information about what was going on with the previous two hardforks and what are the immediate plans for the Communities and SMTs.

If you like to stay informed about the news, status and future of Steem, I recommend that you watch it too. It's 20min long.

I won't give you an abstract here, in fact Andrew has done that below the video.

But I want to highlight something from the interview.

After HF22, many have pleasantly remarked the trending page has improved, with less shitposts being boosted to the front.

While we all appreciate that, I confess I still don't go to the Trending page on Steemit.com (or other general interface).

Maybe it's still a habit I will change in the future, but more likely not. Because I do go on trending pages of the tribes I am involved with from time to time. That's because posts are (or should be) filtered two times there. First by the tribe rules and second by the rule of subjective quality filtering or other reasons why the posts have been upvoted to be on the tribe's trending page.

So, when I heard Justin say in the interview (around 12min0sec) that the trending page will begin to lose its relevance on steemit.com, where the first contact will probably be to choose the Communities of interest, that made perfect sense to me. Sure, inside a community, I believe a trending page makes sense, as it does in a tribe.

Anyway, we still have two months or so to wait before we have a peak at the Communties. SMTs are close to finish line also, but then a long and necessary testing period will follow. To be that's great news!

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Certainly the downvotes and incentivization of manual curation has had something to do with this.

It most likely has everything to do with the changes so far. Hopefully they'll continue to be on the positive side going forward, as time passes and #newsteem won't be so new anymore.

17.09.2019 14:32

It’s good to finally see the trending page free and segregated from promoted junk. Newsteem is already settling in amongst those who remain active and engaged 👍🏼

Steem on, mate

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17.09.2019 15:44