Everyone is a salesperson!

When you picture a salesperson, does it look like this?
(my apologies, the image is borrowed from the internet without asking)

I didn't know the origins of the "snake oil salesperson" expression. Seems like there was a time when some were sold snake oil as a "cure for all".

How about like this? Do you picture her as a saleswoman?

Looks like she could sell you an insurance, a bank product or, on the higher-end, pitch a project to the management? Do you think management will be sold by her ideas?

Ok, you are right, I couldn't forget about this situation:

How many times have someone tried to sell you something over the phone? Directly I mean, not as part of a conversation with a friend. And if we are here, how many times was a friend trying to sell you something? It didn't even have to be a physical product of some kind. What about an idea? A vacation together to a place he or she chose? A job offer you should try out?

Let's take a look at this "family":

Of course this looks like a set up photo of a perfect family. But you notice something? The older child has some small bags of sweets in both his hands and looks pretty happy. Seems like a familiar situation?

Kids are tough sellers! They find out your weak spots and hit you hard until you give in to their desires demands. Lucky for us they don't want lambos at that age. Some sweets will generally do the trick.

Everyone is a salesperson! Your wife/husband, your mother and father, your brothers and sisters, your neighbors, your friends, people you know and don't know. And of course, YOU!

How good of a salesperson each of us is, well, as long as we are not of the "snake oil" type, is an important part in our success.

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Interesting story Adrian... I like small bags of sweets in the hands of the child... We are all children and when someone found our weak spot, we will buy anything...
USE that knowledge!
Thanks for the post!

16.08.2019 16:22

For sure we all have weak spots. And they are continuously used by... everyone, but more by those who understand well human nature. But it's a bit funny and scary at the same time, when the "ruthless seller" is your child! :)

16.08.2019 17:17

hahaha... yeah... like horror movies with children... they are the scariest..

16.08.2019 17:40

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17.08.2019 20:30

Good one indeed. Found it some interesting reading indeed. And there is a few of those "snake oil" salespersons out there indeed. Well written, Success

19.08.2019 12:37

Sure there are! And there will always be plenty that fall in this category. I didn't know there were really sellers of snake oil in the past, which miraculously cured all. But nothing comes as a surprise after a while...

19.08.2019 12:44