Do You Remember OByte's Airdrop to Steem Users, from Roughly 1 Year Ago?

If you were on Steem about a year ago and active, you almost surely remember the airdrop OByte did for Steem users.

If I remember correctly, the only condition to receive the airdrop at that time, was to have at least reputation 30. Hmm, not the best choice, but well...

If you qualified after that minor filtering condition, you would have received the airdrop if you installed the OByte wallet, called Byteball, and linked - publicly or privately - your Steem account with it.

If you went through those steps, you received the airdrop of GBYTE, their coin. The amount of the airdrop was again linked to your reputation, with thresholds every 10 "levels" after 30. There was a referral program too, which is why the news spread wide and deep in the community.

There was another condition. Do you remember it?

Half of the airdropped funds were available immediately to do anything you wanted with them, the other half were locked for a year with a smart contract.

Last year, I remember GBYTE wasn't listed on Binance, the exchange I use most often. But it was and is listed on, for example.

If the above lines made you curious if your funds have been released from the smart contract, if you play Drugwars, you should read further.

If you play Drugwars, you know at some point a decision was made to launch their FUTURE token on OByte. Another unfortunate choice, no doubt, for a good game in my opinion, but not sure if Steem-Engine was around and enough developed back then.

If you had withdrawn FUTURE tokens to OByte (like I did, back when there wasn't the possibility to exchange it to STEEM in-game), but haven't sold them, and you want them back to Drugwars either to exchange them to STEEM or to wait for DRUGWARS token integration to Steem-Engine, you need some Bytes to pay for the small transaction fee.

This is really important, as we are used to the situation on Steem, where there are no transaction fees. If you dumped all your available Bytes as soon as you got them, you now either need to buy some to pay for the fee, or wait for the smart contract reach the deadline, to unlock your other half of funds, but then transfer your FUTURE tokens before you do anything with the available Bytes, or otherwise you might end up in the same situation again.

To check what is the "deadline" of your smart contract on OByte, do the following:

  1. Run your Byteball wallet application
    (you can ignore updating the witness node to the most recent version)
  2. After it starts, Byteball looks like this
    I sold my available Bytes, so you see a big fat zero in their turn. And below it's the amount that is still bound by the smart contract. Click on that link!
  3. You'll see something like this:
    I've marked the date when the smart contract for this account is due (on that day, a different time, more exactly after Sun Aug 11 2019 03:00:00 GMT+0300 (GTB Daylight Time), but I won't add another step to see this info, as the time is the same for all contracts, only the date differs).
  4. After the date passes, you'll be able to send your Bytes to a different address, including to Bittrex.

The smart contract for my main account was due today, as I discovered a few days ago, and I was quite interested in getting the FUTURE tokens out of there and exchanged to STEEM, which I did. Then I moved the Bytes to Bittrex and exchanged them to a tiny fraction of bitcoin, of which I hold way to little.

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