Do You Know What OpenSeed Is and If It Will Help Steem?

Today I was reminded to go check Steem Proposals again.

I do it regularly, but I don't often hear or read "Steem Proposals" twice in the same day, so I thought I should go revisit them and see if I need to change some votes.

Also today I caught up on the news regarding the OpenFeed project, because somehow I only had time to read or listen to bits of information about it until now.

Right now I see three directions OpenSeed is working on, all of them being open to be integrated in any Steem or crypto project:

  • onboarding new people easily and scalable to OpenSeed, from where they may or may not create new Steem accounts, but they already become users of applications on the blockchain; also benefit of the "one account multiple apps" advantage, we already have on Steem
  • building features and a shared database that can be used when developing new apps
  • creating a chat app (off-chain) called OpenLink

All three directions have the potential to avoid spreading the development effort, while working on the same things, more or less (guest accounts for onboarding, every dapp and tool which needs to be built from the ground up by every developer, different chat apps developed and maintained on different interfaces?).

Work once, use multiple times.

This is of course a centralized, but open source solution and they are not sustaining anything different. Especially in regard to onboarding. But as Andrarchy remarked in his interview with Exyle about OpenSeed, most people out there are not interested in decentralization. We are a tiny minority. We can bring many more people to this hybrid solution which is OpenSeed, and from there chances to onboard to Steem the right people increase significantly.

I believe OpenSeed can be a great thing for Steem and crypto in general, of course if they deliver.

They have a Steem proposal, not yet active, which I decided to vote. They will work on the project regardless of having the proposal approved or not, but I believe those funds can be put to good work and I'll continue to vote for proposals, even if they don't go over the return proposal level.

If you want to know more about OpenSeed, I liked the post from today by taskmaster4450:

50% beneficiary rewards set to @steem.dao.

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