L2EXCHANGE | LEVEL2 EXCHANGE NEWS - Who can benefit from using L2Exchange?

L2Exchange is an advanced trading platform that can be used by anyone including, new users, long term holders and even market makers. L2 Exchange is a combination of DEX and CEX

Basic Traders
Basic traders are people who don’t have much experience in trading, the best feature that L2 Exchange can offer to basic traders is the easy, comfortable and user-friendly interface. New traders will also benefit from the many giveaways L2 Exchange offers as well as chests they can open which contain many different rewards. They will also benefit from fast deposits and withdrawals as well as a robust and secure connection.

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Of course there are drawbacks with this, for instance if you need to quickly sell in case of a disaster, something that can certainly happen in this market, you can’t, you first need to deposit into an exchange and then sell, that takes way too much time that you simply do not have. L2 Exchange offers a decentralized solution and will allow traders to keep their balances in a smart contract, safely while also being able to set stop-losses or any other trading order.

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Market Makers
Market Makers are usually a ‘ brokerage house that provides purchase and sale solutions for investors in an effort to keep financial markets liquid’. Market Makers will benefit from complete transparency, secure funds and a wide variety of trading tools by using the L2 Exchange.

Broker Partners
As mentioned above, broker partners will also benefit from high security but also a personal infrastructure, additional verifications and of course, fiat.

Professional Traders
L2 Exchange is simply great if you are a professional trader. A FIX API connection as well as FPGA and HFT ensure that your trading speed will be similar if not faster than centralized exchanges. Professional traders will also benefit from low latency, derivatives, margin trading, futures contracts, PAMM investing, Index Funds and many more benefits.

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