Secret Hair Tricks Easy To Use by gadgethacks

Brilliant ideas that will compliment your hair

Even though using a hair straightener or a blow dryer might give you an awesome look, they can cause some damage in your hair. To help you prevent that from happening, I show you some beautiful and heatless hair tutorials that will compliment your face. This way, you’ll both protect your hair, and help it grow longer.
But, for those times that you need to use your heat-styling tools, I show you the correct and efficient way to do that without causing damage to your hair.
Alright, let’s say, that one day you want beautiful and bouncy curls. One way to achieve that is with cocktail straws. You simply wrap a thin hair strand around each straw and secure it in place with a hair tie. - You do that with all your hair, leave overnight, and remove the straws in the morning for the big reveal.
If you’ve got some flyaways, you can fix them with hairspray and a clean mascara brush.
For those of you with short hair, I demonstrate a simple and beautiful hairstyle that will take you less than 1 minute.
Watch until the end, to see how you can use a sock to put your hair up in a bun.

0:41 – Adorable heatless curls
2:40 – A quick way to dry your hair
5:20 – A romantic hairstyle with a ribbon at the back
7:24 – An easy hairstyle for short hair
15:04 – A tall and thick hair bun using a sock

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