Dairy Game season 3: Newbie post

Greetings from Kenya!
I new here in this community, hoping to meet new people and share a little slice of life fron my corner of the world.
I have been on this platform for some years now but was away for quite a bit so this feels like new.

This is me this morning. Ready to go out and make some coins.

Thisbis what am having for breakfast
There is fried potatoes, ham, egg, spinash and spices.
Am having it with green tea. I need alot of energy to tackle the day.
I wish everyone at @steemAlive community a fabulous day!

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You're welcome , good morning and enjoy your day

14.10.2020 09:18

Thank you and enjoy your day too

14.10.2020 09:41

welcome nice post ossam.

onepercent #bangladesh

14.10.2020 16:55

Thank you😊

14.10.2020 17:05

You welcome lady, be sure to check @beautychicks as she's heading the African bit of support currently as Kenya is unrepresented - you can pull that plug too maybe.

17.10.2020 20:14

Thank you. I will

18.10.2020 08:08