Crypto Academy Week 5 Homework Post for [@gbenga]

What is the Blockchain?


Blockchain technology allows value transactions between users without the need for intermediaries to participate in the process, that is, it decentralizes the management of transactions and provides the same registry or decentralized database for all participants, Transactions can be currencies (cryptocurrencies ) or other properties (commodities, information, services) and are developed on a platform whose nodes communicate through a network ... through Internet connections. The blockchain offers a dynamic and unalterable representation or record of these transactions over time that replaces trusted intermediaries and centralized authorities.

Cryptocurrency Security?

Blockchain uses cryptographic security mechanisms to access, sign and encrypt transactions, blocks and their links. The private key can be linked to the identity of the user or intermediate elements. For example, the platform uses a digital wallet that provides operational anonymity. Rules for executing transactions can be set through smart contracts

For example, on the Ethereum blockchain, they ensure consensus of transactions between parties, especially understanding of contractual obligations, and provide stakeholders with limited visibility into evidence (blockchain third parties outside of the contract) Without access to its provisions or its implementation)

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