My entry to Goldencenser challenge #24

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"Hope is ultimately what is lost"

This phrase is quite known here in Venezuela, land where corruption has abounded, where many have sold their principles for a plate of food, but land in which the grace of God has also abounded. Lord who has filled us with peace, that peace that surpasses all understanding, which has led us to growth.

Pablo used to encourage a lot in his letters, because the path of truth is always hampered by the traps of the enemy, always willing to use all available means to make us fall.

Despair has been one of the most used weapons against the Venezuelan church, in years like 2016 there was so much that going out into the streets could almost get to breathe. However, he who called us is the one who supports us, who promises to be with us until the end of time. His will always has to be fulfilled.

"He is the God who goes beyond what our expectations come to plan"
-Christine D'Clario

Thanks for read this post. This is my firts entry publish in Steemit, but is my second participation in the goldencenser challenge, and thanks to @maxdevalue and all team who made GoldenCenser challenge possible. i hope your spirit has been built, blessings!

My telos ID is: gabrielit.jc

Happy new year!

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The best source of inspiration and motivation is God, believe it.

02.01.2020 13:54

@gabrielr29 Happy New Year brother. God bless you.

05.01.2020 00:55

Ameeeeen, i hope you achieve all yours proyects within the will of our God!

05.01.2020 01:02