A family of gospel singers performs virtual concerts, five of which have contracted Covid-19

Ernestine Ray was pushing home from work on July 3 when her vision turned foggy. Two or three hours afterward, she was in a Houston crisis facility, where she was resolved to have Covid-19 and bombarding kidneys. She started crying.

The next day, her father, Pastor Fred Jones, was endeavoring to unwind. He said all that he ate recommended a flavor like dry rocks. The priest attempted positive for the Covid, and was dashed to Houston Methodist Hospital, comparative crisis facility as his daughter.

At around a comparable time, Velma Davis experienced equivalent signs, and ended up in the clinical center - near to her sister and father - with Covid-19.






Two unique sisters during the Jones family moreover gave positive for the disease a shot July 5. Theresa Jones didn't need to go to the clinical facility, yet Sabrina Freeman woke up endeavoring to unwind. She was taken in a crisis vehicle to comparative center as her family members.

"I expressed, 'Would you have the option to take me to comparative clinical center as my sisters and daddy?'" Freeman, 55, told the paramedics. "OK have the option to put me on a comparable floor? Would I have the option to be in a comparative room? I didn't have the foggiest thought what was occurring."

That is the way, in only multi week, the Covid hit the Jones Family Singers, placing their melodic vocation on hold.

More than 1.3 million Covid cases have been accounted for in Texas since the pandemic started, as indicated by Johns Hopkins University information. Texas has the second most noteworthy number of announced Covid cases in the US, after California.

The gospel bunch from Texas said it accepts the infection spread through their family seven days before they were completely analyzed, during a virtual show they





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