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17.07.2019 16:23

You do an incredible job with your travel posts. Thanks for taking us on such wonderful adventures!

17.07.2019 19:00

Thank you so much for the encouraging words! This kind of comments make me keep going :)

17.07.2019 20:16

Damn when you were walking on the logs across the river I jumped up a bit! That looks awesome and the forest is magical too! Great to see your videos coming along, I wasn't sure about the music choice personally but then I'm weird like that 😀

What are you doing these days now?

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17.07.2019 21:05

Haha, those logs are just for the adrenaline as the water had barely 5 cm depth lol, and my boots are waterproof anyway. But I'm always up for testing my balance on the logs :D

Glad you liked the video as there are going to come out a lot of videos these days. I finally graduated and took my degree and now I'm free like a bird. So I'm trying to get ready as many posts as possible and videos in advance before heading to 2019 summer road trip :)

About the song - to be honest, I'm not very satisfied with none of these which I'm using. But I need NCS to not make YouTube delete my videos and I'm not really finding some really cool songs. If you have any advice point me out :D

18.07.2019 07:36

Haha damn it looked like the water was metres deep and a rushing torrent. You could have just walked across it then 😁 but I'd have probably done the same and took the more adventurous route 😀

Hurray and congratulations lil Romanian Sister! Free time is awesome and you can get so much done! Look forward to seeing more travel posts! My free time has been reduced a lot now since starting my new job but it will help pay for the next travel/holiday and it's at a company I liked working at so take the rough with the smooth 🙂

Best thing I can recommend (and because I am co-running the community), check out the Electronic Music Alliance YouTube playlists and reach out to the artists we feature on there. They'd be more than happy to let you use their music I'm sure.

Latest playlists are on the @emalliance steem page too 🙂

18.07.2019 10:32

Oh, you started working already? Hope everything is fine for you and I'm glad you are enjoying that place. Working in a company you like or enjoying your work is very important to be productive. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, I will check them out right now! :)

18.07.2019 10:49

Yea not wasting any time here haha! It's nice to have some money coming in seeing as steem isn't quite there yet with providing an income (but hopefully it will one day!) but I need some fiat to help contribute towards buying my own place in the next 18 months so this is a good start 🙂

18.07.2019 22:21

Sounds like a good plan! Keeping my fingers crossed for you to succeed :)

19.07.2019 08:39

Thanks a lot my friend.

What it does mean is I will probably be going to more European destinations, looking for places perhaps in Romania for a weekend... Do you know anyone from that region? 😁

19.07.2019 09:04

I may know, haha

19.07.2019 15:13

Wow! What beautiful mountains! Your travels and videos are something you will be able to cherish forever @gabrielatravels. Looks like the hiking was challenging ;) and beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing with us, great videos! That go-pro is definitely the way to go!

17.07.2019 21:41

Thank you so much! That's the main reason I'm creating those videos and posts. To keep my memories somewhere safe and just hit the play button every single time I need to remember them. :)

And the GoPro is definitely the way to go. It's very tiny and it does a great job. The one I used is GoPro Hero 6 as the videos are from one year ago but I have plenty of videos to edit and there will be some with the GoPro Hero 7 as well. Hope I will put my hands on a stabilizer soon to make the videos more smooth and professional, maybe a drone as well. As I'm quite limited now by what I see on the ground and it's impossible to not shake the camera during the hiking/climbing.

Thanks for stopping by! Many hugs on your way! :D

18.07.2019 07:41

Is amazing to go arround the world.

18.07.2019 11:31

I wish it was around the world. But it's just in my country.

18.07.2019 12:06

Well you have to start somewhere right? ;)

18.07.2019 13:43

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18.07.2019 17:03

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18.07.2019 19:28

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18.07.2019 22:46

I love your travel blogs! Keep up with the good work!

19.07.2019 12:12

Thank you so much! I will for sure! :)

19.07.2019 13:56