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According to the Bible, What does the Bible say about changing religions? (Part 1 of 3)

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08.01.2020 16:29

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08.01.2020 16:33

Wonderful journey @gabrielatravels. I love the way you are when telling your trip story.  Allow me to bookmark it as my reference in writing.  Blessing

08.01.2020 16:45

That's so kind of you! Thank you so much!

09.01.2020 07:50

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10.01.2020 01:30

Winter Wonderland in Romania! :) Amazing snowy captures, makes me miss this kind of winter that I remember from my childhood (unfortunately, winters have been mostly snowless in Central Europe in the recent years).

08.01.2020 19:47

We might not get this kind of winter anymore in Romania as well :(
But this trip was a great memory! Thank you so much for your kind words dear friend! :D

09.01.2020 07:52

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08.01.2020 21:10

I DID post trough TF, but I edited it on steemit because the new feature is really annoying. Just look how my posts look like if I leave them the way they look after posting through TF:


If you check the first image you can see there is double times posted my featured image, priority being the one that goes to TF, which I really don't like! In my opinion that first part of the post shouldn't be there since we all know that at the end of the post there is a classy quote that gets you on TF for this post. That was just enough! I don't like my posts to be fully advertised for TF. There is enough just one at the end of the post, no need to capture the whole post from the beginning to the end!

Hope I didn't make anyone angry with this comment but I will no longer post through TF as long as they keep looking like this. Best wishes!

09.01.2020 08:00

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09.01.2020 09:55

Re: TravelFeed link at the start and end of the post.

At first, it was okay but as I go through more travel posts, it has become annoying to be greeted by the Travelfeed link on every post before you get to the post which should be the main point. Having the link on top of the post is stealing the attention of the reader instead of going directly to the post.

I also find it too much advertising for TravelFeed having the link at the start and end of the post. TravelFeed may want to check how tasteem.io does it. They put their link only at the end of the post and this is perfectly fine.

Just my two-cent comment...

15.01.2020 04:42

It looks like a really enchanting place and I can feel the cold coming through from your images , it's great!

And is that your sister ? You two really look alike

09.01.2020 02:36

Thank you so much dear! It was indeed very cold but a great experience I will repeat anytime! :)
Yep, that's my twin sister! :D

09.01.2020 07:49

No wonder!!!

09.01.2020 11:40

wow @gabrielatravels that looks cold but nice. Seems you enjoyed it anyway and for all the fun, here is a bit of !BEER for you.

09.01.2020 07:35

Thank you so much! :)

09.01.2020 07:48

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10.01.2020 01:32

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09.01.2020 07:36

Cheers! :D

09.01.2020 07:48

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