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28.10.2019 16:22

Wow, what an impressive concert hall :) No surprise it is to be found in Barcelona though, this city is literally packed with impressive stuff :) Great travel report as always, Gabriela.

@tipu curate

28.10.2019 16:23

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28.10.2019 16:23

It really is, I can't imagine how amazing can be if you visit it while there is a concert too :) Too bad my camera stopped working right after I joined the building and couldn't take enough pictures and videos on a high quality! :(

28.10.2019 16:25


Me gustan tus viajes, solo lo conocía desde afuera, grandes líneas cuando fuimos y mi esposo se impacientó jaja

es bonito

Día feliz

29.10.2019 11:13

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29.10.2019 22:14

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30.10.2019 04:03