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28.09.2019 18:54

What an awesome post I do love aquariums especially ones that have lots of space for all the fish, and ones with the tunnel you walk through surrounded like the fish, its almost like the humans are the ones in a cage :)

28.09.2019 21:06

Well said! It gives you that feeling that you are the one living there and the animals are visiting you, being the tourists lol.

29.09.2019 07:15

Exactly 👍🙂👍Posted with

29.09.2019 09:16

Wow this place is like the Metropolis of aquariums haha! I'd definitely lose myself in the first part, the Oceanarium - it's like a snapshot of the giant goings on in the sea world but can't imagine the vastness of the Pacific Ocean wildlife really!

The octopus pictures made me cringe a little, those creatures are just so weird and the way they move… ugh, makes me shudder just thinking about it haha!

Thanks for sharing another awesome travel post my Romanian sister! Looks like you had an amazing time in Barcelona here :)

28.09.2019 21:41

I totally understand what feelings are trying you while watching the octopus as I was also feeling weird watching them move and swim around, lol.

The oceanarium is amazing, especially that tunnel where you don't even need to move as there is a rolling tape that takes you around, just look and stare at all the creatures that are surrounding you. It's amazing! 💞

Indeed, I had a great time in Barcelona, and I can't wait to get ready my nexts posts from this adventure. The next one is going to be the 3rd Episode of the series 😊

29.09.2019 07:11

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29.09.2019 08:00

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29.09.2019 05:11

Thank you so much!!! 💞

29.09.2019 07:07

Aquarium itself and your travel enthusiasm were very quite amusing

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29.09.2019 07:51

Hehe. Thank you so much for the generous support! It made the difference! 💞

29.09.2019 07:52

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29.09.2019 17:50

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29.09.2019 19:32

Awesome post! I totally love underwater wildlife :) I can even see one shot here that would make a great entry for the crustacean photo contest that I hosted some time ago :)

30.09.2019 09:39

Oh damn, I'm so sorry I missed it! It's just that I haven't really been active on here for a while. I get ready my posts in advance so I'm just coming every six days to post one. Hope I shall be active again soon! :(

02.10.2019 12:12

Your photos and video clips are amazing @gabrielatravels. Visiting those types of tourist spots can be both happy and sad. Little ones are able to see various creatures up close, something most will never have an opportunity to do in nature. Hopefully they are taking great care with them, allowing the proper habitat and not overcrowding. I know it's really tough...certainly not something we wish on a large scale.

30.09.2019 16:51

You are so right, @birdsinparadise. It's just that from my information and what I've seen on there, animals are really not suffering and have some great conditions. Especially the fishbowls which are really large!
Hope I'm not making a mistake and it is how I've seen with my own eyes. :)

02.10.2019 12:14