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Does it matter that I am a Buddhist among many Catholics? Comment what you understand of our Topic Post.
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27.12.2019 16:38

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27.12.2019 16:38

Wow! Very nice editing and composition. Bravo!!

27.12.2019 19:26

Thanks for watching! I'm happy you liked it 😊

28.12.2019 08:56

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27.12.2019 22:42

@gabrielatravels I agree: there are many Beautiful places in Romania and in this world. This is one of the reasons for my work.

  • What work?

Now that we're done with the positive side,

  • How about we have a sneak peek in the rabbit hole?

The movie the Matrix is a Documentary. At least from my perspective.
You can take a seat, you can take a deep breath, because it's time to explore our Tough game called Reality, between us and evil. I'm NOT good at sharing Tough stuff so here they are:
This is a Beautiful planet and we turned it into a Prison (the Control system), with our Passivity:

Why do we live in a Control system?

  • Because we Sell necessities,
  • Because we do Not have enough necessities,
  • Because we use the resources of the planet for Poison and other stuff that are Not necessities,
  • Because people create Demand for Poison / Destruction through their Everyday Choices,
  • Because they're Not aware.

People Work Hard to build the Control system, because they function from an interest of Control, because they are NOT aware of the fact that there is another way: a world Without control.

  • As long as people are UNconscious, their Frail, fake nature chooses what's Easy: Destruction, Self-Destruction, Conformity, Passivity.
  • When people are Aware they have the power to Choose their response and they can choose what's Right: Responsibility, they can return to our initial goal of Evolution.

The foundation for control is UNconsciousness. We can Dissolve interest for control by Waking people up and when it comes to dissolve interest for control, when it comes to wake up the masses

  • What do people do?
  • Excuses, because creating Excuses is Easier than creating Results.
  • Excuses so they can remain peacefully in their Comfort zone, in their Passivity.

How can we create a scenario where people are aware as long as people create Excuses?

In case this comment seems too Tough, How about this:
People we Pay every month from the Government won't include education in the education system because their interest is Control and UNeducated people are Easier to Control.
After 12 years of the education system we know Nothing and we believe Lies that are beneficial for Control. In the 12 years of the Education system Children receive zero% Education and 100% Indoctrination.
With this realization the word Tough takes on a new dimension.

Not to mention even tougher stuff:

My guess is that there is NO fault. From the moment we're born:

  • We're conditioned to be frail, because Frail people choose what's Easy,
  • We're conditioned to be beneficial for Control: Knowledge is kept Hidden and we receive Lies beneficial for control (the Wrong map),

so the Solution might be simpler than it may seem: Winning our game might be about getting the message (Knowledge, the Basics) across.
More important might be what are we doing Now (while we still can) about it.
The good :) news is that our game is not over. A scenario in which people are aware, is a scenario we can Create, only when we're Responsible. We have the Power to Create educational content - through which we can wake people up and we can combine the 2 solutions:

  • We can share the Basics and
  • We can make a living by selling Necessities,

By doing so we might have a chance to reach the Next level of our game where there is a superabundance of Necessities, at this point there is NO enslavement, and we can focus on Evolution. How simple is that?
Life on planet Earth can look different.
There are so Many levels Beyond this one and people are Not aware of this. This happens for 2 reasons:

  • People don NOT have the basics. People can NOT share what they do NOT have.
  • The second reason is that when people find about this, they Continue Reinforcing the Control system Actively or Passively, because they are Attached to it.

People are so Dependant on the Control system, so deeply in Love with the Control system that they Fight to Protect it. People Love the Control system, otherwise

  • Why are they Protecting it?

How can we evolve as long as we're busy Selling Necessities (or poison)?
Winning Our game is NOT automatic. Unless we wake people up, we Lose our game.

  • Isn't this the whole point of our game: To experience Epic Evolution by Overcoming our Epic Challenge?

I was unaware of these facts. Only recently I connected some dots. I believe people deserve to have to have Clarity, the Full map. That's why I feel responsible to share the Other half of the map.
There are many stuff to be said about Winning Our game. That's exactly why I created an educational show: to share my perspective about it. What's Your opinion about it?
Our game doesn't last forever: the latest regulations are only the beginning, soon enough, we end up in a world of total Control, of total Censorship, so the question is:

  • How can we wake people up in Good time?
27.12.2019 22:59

Everything about it was calming
Beautifully presented :D

28.12.2019 12:00

It's just the feeling you get once you make your first steps in that place :D
Thanks for watching! :)

28.12.2019 17:39

Awesome video Gabriela! Great to see you as well and that you're getting better with the editing. I think you can even put some of the text in the middle of the screen in places as I found myself missing some of the information but I probably sat too close to my desktop monitor and didn't see it haha!

Love seeing nature reclaim its spot back and all the different species thriving in the park again :)

28.12.2019 17:51

Hahaha, I will keep in mind! Thank you so much little brother, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! Also thanks for your kind words! :)

30.12.2019 09:20

A lovely video indeed my friend and I so like the music.
Well done here!
All of the very best to you for 2020!

28.12.2019 19:31

Thank you so much dear friend! May 2020 be the best one so far for you as well!

30.12.2019 09:18

Thank you too for the kind wishes my friend.

31.12.2019 12:35