TurboExpress - A powerful portable game console

In 1989 Nintendo would launch a portable game console that would become a legend within the video game industry, the Game Boy. Many companies would try to compete against it, the Atari with the Lynx, Sega with the Game Gear, but there was a company that stood out for launching one of the most powerful portable game consoles of those times, the NEC Home Electronics developer of the TurboExpress.

The TurboExpress was a really incredible console because it moved all the essence of the TurboGrafx-16 but in a portable way, it even used the same cartridges as the desktop console, so you could use them in either of the two systems.

It was launched in 1990 as a direct competition of the Game Boy, NEC highlighted many aspects of it as its CPU, color palette, sound and other features to make it much more striking, however, this resulted in a very high price, $250.

If we compare the price of the Game Boy which was 90 dollars the difference was very big, although the TurboExpress was more technologically advanced many people chose their opponent. This made the sales of the TurboExpress not so high, selling only 1.5 million units.

One of the great defects that had this portable video console was the life of its battery, the screen to be backlit and color could spend all the power of your batteries from 2 to 3 hours, considering that using 6 AA batteries was a constant income, in one day you could use approximately 18 to 24 batteries.

The TurboExpress had the ability to connect two consoles to play two players through a cable, this was called TurboLink, this had a function very similar to that of its main competitor the Game Boy.

One of the most relevant accessories that were released for the TurboExpress was the TurboVision, with it you transformed your portable console into a pocket TV, having the ability to watch your favorite channels anywhere, including audio and video inputs to place any kind of signals on them. Can you imagine playing Super Nintendo in a TurboExpress?

Regarding the games this handheld console enjoyed an extensive catalog because they were the same cartridges of the TurboGrafx-16, however, as many know the specialty of this console were shooter games, so you could enjoy the best video games of this style if you had this console in your hands.

Although there were no bad sales in 1994, the NEC officially decided to end production of the TurboExpress, surrendering to the all-powerful Game Boy. Despite this, it remained one of the best consoles of the fourth generation, making it clear that portable game consoles could reach a larger scale.

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