The toughest game consoles until 2020

The videogamers always look for a console that gives us a huge amount of titles that we can enjoy for long hours, also has a very nice design which makes us feel identified, but there is an aspect that sometimes we neglect, this is the physical resistance that the console has.

In the old days when the controls of the consoles were wired, we had to be very careful with the falls of our entertainment centers, if a person tripped or simply made a bad movement of the cable could make our console fall to the ground, harming our progress in the game and causing some damage to it.

For this reason, the developers of consoles had to make them with a design and resistant material that was able to withstand falls to a considered height. Even though this is no longer a problem in the current generations due to the wireless controls, physical resistance and durability is still important as a small accident can happen, for example when moving our console from one place to another.

Several companies have been very concerned about this aspect, creating consoles that are so resistant that they really surprise all that they can suffer and continue to operate. Below I will show you the 5 most resilient consoles based on different tests that various people have done over the years.

It is worth noting that all these consoles after receiving some critical damage are able to turn on and continue with their operation.

Xbox One

Even though this console looks like a modern VHS it has one big advantage and that is its resistance to bumps and drops. Furthermore, its successor models such as the Xbox One S share this same feature, which indicates that if you own one of these consoles you can be confident that it will be able to withstand a fall from a considerable height.

This was demonstrated by the young people on the YouTube channel WIRED, where they put up a strong resistance battle against the Ps4 and Xbox One. The results were really incredible, allowing us to draw the conclusion as to which of these game consoles is more resistant.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's latest system has its place in this toughest of all tops. This company did an excellent job with the Switch because of its resistance to falls and shocks, it is able to continue working after falls considered alarming.

One of the videos that prove this is totally true is from the YouTube channel which threw a Switch at 300 meters high, leaving the video console fully operational, the most surprising thing of all was that its screen did not receive any damage.

Nintendo GameCube

Again we see a Nintendo video game console in this top, the GameCube despite being the least sold of all the generations of this company does not cease to be one of the most resistant, its design in the form of a cube and its material makes it a machine to withstand shocks and falls to considerable heights.

There are a lot of videos that demonstrate this, but one of my favorites is a very classic one where they test the PS2, Xbox and GameCube, just watch it and see all the tests they do to finally see who was the winner being able to turn on after so much physical abuse.


SEGA's latest console has a deserved place among the toughest consoles, it has the ability to withstand shocks and falls to considerable heights. What's most amazing about it is that your reader can operate after receiving really critical impacts, turning it into an all-terrain console.

Again the guys from the WIRED YouTube channel demonstrated all of the above, but this time testing with consoles from multiple generations, among them was the Dreamcast, if you would like to see who was the winner within this test of resistance see the video, you will get a big surprise.

Game Boy

One of the things that is always prone to happen when we have a portable game console is that it falls out of our hands, therefore it must be resistant to falls from considerable height, but the Game Boy resists more than that, it is even compared to the old Nokia phones which are considered almost indestructible.

Apart from withstanding high impacts, the Game Boy can function after being attacked by a bomber plane. This was demonstrated in the Gulf when a US soldier left his Game Boy in the camp upon hearing an alarm from a bomber plane.

When he came back he realized that his video game console was in bad shape, but still had its screen intact, when he connected it to the current he turned on and the game ran perfectly which melted with the plastic due to the heat. As a curiosity this console is exhibited at the Nintendo museum in New York City.

These are the 5 most resistant consoles of all times, demonstrated with different tests and events of great importance, if you know any other that deserves to be in this top you can tell me in the comments.

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what a crazy article... I like it. I don't plan on dropping my devices from 300 meters but it is good to know that I can and still play it afterwards.

I had a gamecube that just decided one day to stop spinning the disks. I didn't even drop it out of a window or anything!

22.12.2019 15:24

Knowing these things makes one feel more confident about buying a game console, however, there is always the possibility that it will be damaged by something else because it is an electronic item.

What a pity about the GameCube, for sure it was the motor Stick that presented some failure.

Thanks for your comment @gooddream

22.12.2019 19:41

the gamecube was 10 years old at that point and i had transported it in a bag from USA to Thailand, it did its time and I was pleased with it making it that long.

23.12.2019 02:00

These are consoles i could go back in time for, just to have the pleasure of playing them again

22.12.2019 19:51