The secret that hid one of Mario 64's paintings for years

Super Mario 64 is one of the titles that revolutionized the world of video games in an amazing way, thanks to its different mechanics regarding its playability, level selection in a 3D environment and many other things, allowing anyone to have one of the best experiences in a game of yesteryear.

In the tour of the enormous castle we can find very interesting things, secrets or curiosities that were discovered over the years. Among the most relevant was the rumor that Yoshi, one of the plumber's faithful companions, could be found in the castle.

This turned out to be true, but it wasn't an easy task, you had to complete the game 100%, that is, get all 120 stars, which are in different worlds and some hidden in certain places in the castle, this last detail would increase our sense of exploration, visiting all possible places in the video game.

In this game, in order to enter the different levels, you had to enter some squares, which served as portals to different places in the mushroom kingdom. You could find several of them, some repeated in certain sections, however, there was one that many people called their attention.

This was located on the first floor of the castle, just before the stairs to the second floor, when trying to enter it nothing happened, it was a decorative painting. At first glance you could not see anything special, an art of a dark sky with some stars. Many thought at the time that this was a secret level, but the reality was different.

When the development team was finishing Super Mario 64, they were already working on another title, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, in which you could get a tune called "The Storm Song".

It turns out that the frame in Super Mario 64 referred to the aforementioned song, and the stars that stand out have the same pattern that you could see when you played the storm song in Ocarina of Time, a reference to a video game that was soon to come out on the Nintendo 64.

The meaning of this painting went many years undiscovered, but there are always people from the retro community who somehow manage to decipher all the messages hidden in a video game, this blue paint with stars in the sky was one of them.

Did you know the meaning of this painting in Super Mario 64? Tell me your opinion in the comments section.

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