The dark secret that Splatoon hides

There are some video games that for some reason convey how the future of humanity will be, in them we can see multiple reasons such as wars, nuclear bombs, floods and many terrible roads which may or may not happen over the years.

Games like Fallout 3 can efficiently convey this to you, since it's one of the most post-apocalyptic games with a very solid storyline, a nuclear war would wipe out virtually everything, leaving the survivors living in caves far from the sunlight.

Metro 2033 also brings us a similar story, because of the radiation on the surface you can see very strange creatures, the money does not exist, the people inside the game use the bullets as currency, the better quality the more value it will have.

Among the many games that exist regarding this topic, there is one in particular that has something hidden that many of its players were impressed with, and that is a video game released in May 2015 for the Nintendo Wii U, Splatoon.

At first glance Splatoon doesn't give you any hints that allow you to see some apocalyptic future for mankind, it's a simple competitive game where two teams compete to see who fills the different maps with more ink, however, the individual missions have a secret which the most curious have been able to find.

In certain missions are hidden some scrolls which hide a message, in order to read and understand it we must all find it, this is when we can observe that Splatoon indicates a curious apocalyptic destiny that humanity will have.

According to these scrolls all terrestrial life would die from a flood that would last for years on earth, thanks to this a kind of genetic mutations would occur in the marine world, this is where we realize the origin of all the characters of Splatoon, are mollusks which evolved to look like humans.

The squids began to have consciousness, feelings and thoughts of their own, resulting in a new race which will replace the human. It sounds a bit crazy or scary, but if you look at it from a nature-oriented point of view it would be the solution to many problems that are caused by mankind.

It's certainly a very interesting and original apocalyptic hypothesis, using squids as part of an evolution to become almost equal to humans very few people can think of, but that's what videogames are all about, expanding the imagination of their developers so that gamers can enjoy those excellent stories.

Did you know about this secret that Splatoon was hiding? Tell me your opinion in the comments section.

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