Mysteries we'll never know about the world of video games

Every year hundreds of video games and one or another console comes to market to enrich the world of gaming, growing the community of gamers around the world. Although many of these games have a clear history with one or several well-defined endings, some may leave us with questions that have persisted over the years.

This has caused many people to establish theories of these unresolved questions, forming different groups in Internet forums debating possible answers, this is when urban legends or rumors are generated in the world of video games.

There are currently unresolved mysteries that we may never know their outcomes, we can only wait for official answers from the developers or establish our own theories. Next, I will show you some of those questions that will probably leave you thinking about an answer.

The children of Goldshare

World of Warcraft since its launch in 2004 became one of the most played MMORPGs of all time, retaining millions of users around the world. Within its vast world there are hundreds of missions which allow players to explore different regions within the videogame.

However, there are certain mysteries that no one has yet been able to decipher, one of them are the children of Goldshare, these every day make a tour through different areas, then return to its initial place which is a cabin. The curious thing is that when these children run they make a very strange formation in the form of a pentagram, making them much stranger.

In addition, we can visit their cabin to explore in it, we will only find a place with no adults, the children simply stand inside the house and stare at each other, this makes us wonder what happened to their parents? Some things it's just better not to know.

What happens inside a Poké Ball

Pokémon is one of the most famous franchises in the world since its launch in 1996, when it appeared as a video game for the Game Boy won thousands of gamers in many parts of the world, being one of the most played RPGs until today. Although its history is simple to understand there is a question that several of its players have wondered about for many years.

The Poké Ball is one of the devices that the Pokémon trainer uses all the time, either to capture them or to keep them protected. There are different types of them, but their objective is still the same, but we have always asked ourselves: What happens inside a Poké Ball?

At first glance it can be noticed that the Poké Ball transforms into a kind of energy to the pokémon to be inside it, however, to know what is looking at our pokémon or if there is some universe where he is totally relaxed and prevented to any call simply we will not know.

Did the Phantom console really exist?

Video game consoles have always had a special place in gamers, so they will always be willing to try a new game console that comes on the market. One of them filled with expectations to many users in 2002, it was a video console called Phantom announced by the company Infinium Labs.

Let's remember that by that date was the sixth generation of game consoles as it was the Playstation 2, Game Cube or Xbox, really incredible graphics were observed, however, the power of a PC was far superior, under this first Infinium Labs pointed out that its Phantom console would have the power of a high-end PC completely revolutionizing the world of game consoles.

But for some strange reason the launch date was always delayed, until a point came when the company was sued for fraud, leaving only images of prototypes on the Internet, but never demonstrated a real functioning of this, making us wonder if there really was this game console.

Do you think you have the answer to any of these questions? You can give me your opinion in the comments box.

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