Lethal spy agents in video games

Whenever we talk about spies, video games come to mind that are full of scenes where stealth and action are present, where the main character is endowed with multiple attributes that make him something to fear from his enemies, just hearing his name produces panic in them.

This very particular video game genre has its origins in the late 70's, a game called Manbiki Shounen was the first to implement this mechanic of hiding and attacking at the right time, later other titles like Castle Wolfenstein in certain levels would have to apply this technique.

Over time, several developers would evolve the concept of action and spying by releasing certain titles that would revolutionise gameplay, for example, Metal Gear in 1988 was one of them, along with its sequel Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in 1990. These last two video games would provide the basis for developing future games that we know today.

Where it was possible to observe an impressive jump of this genre of games was when the 3D era arrived to the consoles, here we would see the first titles in improving many aspects, one of them was Tenchu: Stealth Assassins or also the well-known Thief: The Dark Project, only this last one would use the camera in first person.

This is when legends of the world of action and espionage would be born, winning many fans around the world. Below, I'll show you some of the most relevant ones in the history of video games.

Snake – Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear is a franchise that had its golden age, although there are several agents that carry the code name of Snake there is one that surprised the gamer community in a video game released for the PlayStation 1 console, many remember it as Solid Snake.

His ability to analyze the environment, excellent hand-to-hand combat and great mastery of weapons makes him one of the most deadly spies, able to infiltrate enemy territory without being detected.

Sam Fisher - Splinter Cell

One of the most outstanding spies when it comes to video games, his appearance was in the video game Splinter Cell, from that moment he would have a great role in its next sequels, giving all the gamers to understand that he is an iconic and unique character of the saga.

His techniques of stealth and combat are very outstanding, for that reason he belonged to the Third Echelon which is a National Security Agency, however, certain events made him become a former member of that agency, dismantling on his own a corruption that threatened the country, that is how he would become the founder of the new NSA called Fourth Echelon.

Adam Jensen – Deus Ex

Many people when they lose their family plunge into an infinite depression, however, this is not the case of Adam Jensen, who had an excellent company, but because of a terrorist attack he loses his family and a large part of his body.

But this one is cybernetically recovered because he still had vital signs, this allowed him to increase his physical abilities and increase his resistance, from that moment he would become a special agent that will exterminate everything related to terrorism.

There are many more characters that fit this profile perfectly, but I'll leave it up to you, if you know any spy or special agent of the videogames you can indicate it in the comments section.

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