Why not go to a doggie fundraiser?

I sometimes feel as though I don't do enough to help other people in my life. I want to get involved in certain charitable things but between my work and going to pubs I have to admit that I don't really do a whole lot in life. It's kind of pathetic actually.

I heard through the grapevine that there was going to be an animal shelter charity benefit at a local bar and I like dogs and cats so I figured, why not? They have beer there afterall.


It turns out that yesterday was "World Rabies Day" and the entire reason for this event was so that the local population can come together and get their animals vaccinated against rabies for free. I do not own an animal so i was just there to have beer and look at other people's pets. I also bought some raffle tickets for a prize drawing that I didn't even stick around for. I presume they will contact me if I won something.


The organization that put this on is called "Paws for Compassion" and they are an animal shelter charity of sorts located here in Da Nang. From what I can tell they take on strays and attempt to find them families to adopt them and also fight against the dog and cat meat trade... which is something that I hear is a problem but have never actually witnessed for sale as food.


It does seem exceptionally tragic though and I would not be pleased if I was ever to see such a thing on a menu. It is a bit surprising to me that something like this is even on offer anywhere. I mean, who would buy something like that? If this is a "cultural difference" it is one that I can not relate to or accept.


The event seemed to be a massive success because even though most of the expat population has long since left the country due to covid, there was a huge turnout to the point where it wasn't easy to find a seat.

I bought 200,000 VND worth of raffle tickets and don't even know what the prizes were. It wasn't about winning though, was it? It is about giving money to an organization! I had a great time, made a few new friends and of course, drank entirely too much as I tend to.

There was some live music as well including a guy that was playing violin and at least to me, that is quite unusual.


It's nice to see so many people turn up to help out this organization and I hope that they met or exceeded their goals and expectations!

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