Vietnam doesn't seem to be concerned about Covid at all anymore

Vietnam has been very fortunate in the grand scheme of things as far as Covid is concerned. There are zero deaths attributed to the virus in the entire country and even one that looked like it was going to be the country's first death made a full recovery and is being flown back to the UK in the not too distant future.

When you walk around this country you notice that everything is basically back to normal. You don't even see very many people wearing masks.


No one socially distances, and beaches, parks, and even sporting events are packed with customers every single day. No one really even talks about covid anymore and while the country is still in a state of closed borders, there isn't any sort of panic about people repatriating.

So how can this be when you look at the rest of the world, especially my brethren in the USA?

I don't have a good answer for this but I do have some wild conspiracy theories that I will keep to myself for the most part but include suspicions that there actually were some Covid deaths but the country doesn't want to join the panic brigade that is the rest of the world.

One thing that I have noticed is that there are a lot of people who are trapped here that live in Thailand that are unable to return to the country despite the fact that Vietnam hasn't had a single covid death, nor have they reported any cases in more than a month. I feel bad for these folks because some of them are married, have children, but since they are not Thai citizens the country doesn't seem to be very concerned about if they are ever allowed back in.


Hooray Vietnam!

The thing that really doesn't make sense to me is the fact the restrictions placed on the citizenry of Vietnam was extremely mild compared to other countries, even nearby countries such as Cambodia and Thailand had far more extreme lockdown efforts in place. Here in Da Nang, where I live, when the government closed a lot of businesses for 2 weeks, they only extended it by one additional week unlike some of the crazy other notions I am seeing in other countries where the population is STILL locked down and restricted on activities.

Honestly, if you were fortunate enough to get here before the country closed the borders in mid March, you probably wouldn't even know that the whole world is basically at a stand-still right now and likely will be for quite some time more.

I know I am very happy that I happened to be here when it struck and now I my only concern is that I can't leave to visit family and friends elsewhere.

How did your country fare in this situation?

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I fully agree with you.

Nowadays, I always thank god for the normal life in here. I'm staying in Saigon and everything is exactly same as your describe. I really wonder how this country block the virus completely.

Everything is great, except one thing. 9 months year old son and my wife are not able to enter to Vietnam. Every night pray for the flight resumes. I miss my family.

17.07.2020 08:18

oh i'm sorry to hear that. Are they not entitled to a repatriation flight? or are they not Vietnamese? I know that if you are not Vietnamese it is very difficult to get in the country and that is true of all nations for the most part.

18.07.2020 04:13

when you hear about the success stories of places like Vietnam it kind of makes you wonder if any of this is even real. How can a country with extremely limited resources and a very densely populate landscape have very low infections and zero deaths. It leads me to believe that the virus might not even be what they are telling us that it is and a great deal of the outcome is politically motivated. Is it not a little telling that the countries with the greatest infection and reported death rates also happen to have a very toxic political environment going on at the same time? It certainly seems suspicious!

18.07.2020 06:57

yeah, it seems suspicious to me as well.

21.07.2020 11:37